Early Voting: February 14 – February 25
Election Day: March 1

Statewide recommendations are below.
Below that you will find links for each county’s elections.

The True Texas Project Board members will not ever tell you how to vote.  Instead, we let you know where we as individuals are leaning and offer that to you as a starting point for your own research.  THESE ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS.  In fact, many times we have to choose the lesser of two evils.  These are the choices we all must make so we do our best.  We spend hours and hours interviewing candidates, researching voting records, and gathering data.  Then we discuss the pros and cons for each candidate, and we all make our own decisions.  We do not try to come to a consensus.  We merely tell you how many votes each candidate received from board members.

Here is the list of our choices for the statewide races in Texas.  There are 7 members on the TTP Board.  In order to save space, candidates not receiving any votes from our Board are not listed, nor are those without any opponents.  If the vote count does not add up to 7, it is because some Board members abstained from that vote for various reasons.

Don Huffines                     7 votes
*note:  our Board members have each selected Huffines as our picks, but we are all still firmly “anyone but Abbott.”  To read about why we must replace Abbott, and for an explanation as to why this will NOT result in a Democrat governor, please click here.  To read why we feel it should be Huffines, click here.

Lt Governor
Trayce Bradford               4 votes
Daniel Miller                     3 votes

Attorney General
 Louie Gohmert                 7 votes

Glenn Hegar                      7 votes
*note: Hegar’s opponent makes valid points; we spoke with Hegar about making sure they are addressed.

Land Commissioner
Dawn Buckingham          2 votes
Jon Spiers                          2 votes
Victor Avila                        1 vote

Agricultural Commissioner
Carey Counsil                    3 votes
Sid Miller                           4 votes

Railroad Commissioner
Wayne Christian               7 votes
*note: there are some fine people running against Christian, but we did not feel his performance warranted being replaced.

State Court of Criminal Appeals
Clint Morgan                     7 votes
*note:  this is Texas’s chance to undo a silly vote for Scott Walker, who only won because he has the same name as someone famous! Walker joined the Stephens’ opinion stripping the TX Attorney General of his ability to enforce election laws.

Supreme Court Pl 9
David Schenck                   7 votes

Each county has multiple other votes to consider.  Our leadership teams in the 18 counties where we have TTP locations have weighed in on those races.  Please click your county below for those choices.

While we cannot provide recommendations on the down-ballot races in areas where we do not have True Texas Project satellites, we do have input to offer on some of the State Representative races in outside areas.

House Races (no TTP group present)

  • House District 1:  George Lavender (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 2:  Bryan Slaton (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 3:  Cecil Bell
  • House District 5:  Dewey Collier
  • House District 6:  Matt Schaeffer (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 13:  Dennis Wilson
  • House District 17:  Tom Glass (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 19:  Nubia Devine
  • House District 53:  Wesley Virdell
  • House District 60:  Mike Olcott (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 62:  Shelley Luther (endorsed by TTP PAC)
  • House District 68:  Mark Middleton
  • House District 81:  Casey Gray
  • House District 88:  Ted Hutto
  • House District 122:  Mark Dorazio