Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I become a member?  We do not have memberships at True Texas Project.  Anyone is welcome at any meeting, event, or call to action.
  • How many members do you have?  We do not have memberships at True Texas Project, but we do know we interact with, partner with,  influence, and educate 10s of 1,000s of Texans across the state.  You might be interested to know that, generally speaking, those who attend our monthly meetings are different from those who attend our social activities, and different from those who read our emails, and different from the ones who interact on social media, and different from those who tend to participate in our calls to action, and different from those who watch our recordings online, and different…  well, you get the idea.  In other words, we have something for everyone, and it takes all of us to save Texas!  There’s no way to count the number of True Texans!

Meetings & Events

  • What is the nearest TTP satellite location to me?  Check out this map of our locations, then click to find out meeting information.
  • When are your meetings?  We meet from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in multiple locations once a month every month except December, rain or shine and regardless of the vacation calendar!  All meetings are held either the 2nd or 3rd week of the month and only on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.  To find out about a specific location, click here.
  • Do I need to RSVP?  No rsvp is needed for our monthly meetings or social events.  Fundraisers and parties do require an rsvp because you’ll need a ticket.
  • Where can I find tickets to fundraisers and parties?  We sell our tickets through this link.
  • What if I bought a ticket and cannot use it?  Because we are a non-profit, we cannot offer refunds.  We request that you find someone else you can give your ticket to.  It is up to you if you re-sell it or offer it for free.  Just let us know the name of the person taking your place.  Or if you cannot find anyone, let us know and we can usually find a hard-working volunteer that would love a free ticket!  Email [email protected].
  • How do I get on the list for a free ticket if I cannot afford one?  Generally, we offer extra tickets to those who work hard as volunteers for TTP, but sometimes we end up with lots of seats to give away when a sponsor buys tables, etc.  You can always check by emailing [email protected].
  • What is the dress code?  We like to say, “Come as you are!”  We’re all busy people.  We don’t care what you’re wearing, just get to the meetings and socials!  Parties and fundraisers will list the recommended attire, but even then, we’re just glad to have you there!
  • Can I request a speaker that I’m interested in hearing from? Yes! Send your recommendations to [email protected] and include any contact information, website links, or other pertinent information that you may have about this person.
  • Why should I go to a meeting when I can stay home and learn the same things online?  Community is everything!  We all need the encouragement that accompanies fellowship.  When you attend a meeting, it encourages our speakers and our other attendees… and hopefully you too!  Try it… you’ll see!  The relationships formed are what keeps us all going.
  • How do I find out about your events?  We get told all the time, “If I’d known about the event, I would have been there!”  We do everything we can to get the word out!  Every Sunday we send out an email with all events happening all over the state that week.  The first Sunday of the month also includes a complete calendar.  Additionally, we keep our online calendar up-to-date always.  We also post all events on our social media channels.
  • What if there is no True Texas Project near me?  No worries!  Tune in to our podcast, TTP@Home, on the first Friday of every month.  Julie and Fran interview upcoming speakers, share legislative and election updates, highlight what’s coming up that month, and provide action items that are relevant to any Texan no matter where you live!  Besides that, you can always watch previous speakers on our YouTube channel, and you can read our Friday emails for calls to action.
  • Will you open a True Texas Project near me?  Every day we are asked to open another one, but we simply do not have the funds or bandwidth at this time.  When we do, priority will be given to those who have already worked to organize a small group of activists, perhaps in a home or a restaurant.  We encourage these groups to watch our podcast or our recorded speakers on our YouTube channel and then discuss.
  • What can I do to help?  With so much work to be done, everyone can do something!  If you’d like to volunteer to help run our monthly meetings, simply attend a meeting and introduce yourself to anyone on the leadership team to inquire where help is needed.  You can also email [email protected].  We always need help with things like registration, set up, phone calls, AV, social activities, candidates, prayer, hospitality, merchandising, social media and advertising, and more.  For those who are looking to be active as ACTIVISTS, every Friday we put out a call-to-action email with suggestions on how you can jump in and help, including visits to elected offices, phone calls, emails, etc.  Email [email protected] to get on the Citizen Advocate list.
  • Why do you do so many social activities?  Work hard, play hard!  When we build relationships, it bonds us, and it makes the work more fun!  Plus, it’s great to hang out with like-minded folks and not have to worry about offending anyone.  😉
  • Do you offer your Certified True Texan training classes online? Yes!  There are 5 classes required for certification.  You can learn about them here, including links to watch and how to request your official certification.


  • How can I get on your contact list?  Click here to receive emailsClick here to receive text messages.
  • How do I get fewer emails and texts?  Texas is a big state!  Please be patient!  If you get an email you don’t need, simply delete it.  Hopefully that is not too big an ask when it comes to saving Texas!  We try very hard to balance letting folks know about what’s going on around the state while not overwhelming anyone with details, but with so many locations, it does add up.  We send out a Friday email regarding legislation, and we send out a Sunday newsletter highlighting news and events for the upcoming week.  Beyond that, we send invitations or special announcements now and then, and we send a series of 3 emails to new subscribers to fill them in on all things TTP!  And yes, we do send out fundraising requests — we have to!  When there is a local issue to share, we send those to activists based on their county.  (For example, if we have a call to action for Bedford, it will go to all of our Tarrant County list because that’s how we have our data divided, and plus we’re hopeful if you are not from that town, you will know folks who are).
  • How do I set up the area I want to receive emails for?  To edit your existing email account, click here.
  • How do I unsubscribe?  We hate to see you go, but if you must, every email has an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom, and you can reply “stop” to any text message.
  • Are you on social media?  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gab, and LinkedIn.  Additionally, we have Facebook chat groups for each location.
  • How do I find your podcast?  You can check out TTP@Home here (link coming soon!).
  • Why are you on Facebook?  We get this question a lot! We have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Obviously, we’re not excited about giving business to such a far-left company, but we also recognize 81% of American adults are on Facebook — and multiple times a day!  If we want to reach new people, we must go where they are.  We like to say, “What they mean for evil, we use for good.”
  • Why aren’t you on other social media?  We have limited staff and a limited budget.  We have to be wise about where we use our resources.
  • Are you aware of what they are saying about you?  Just when we think we’ve heard it all, something new will pop up.  We’re called racists, anti-semites, homophobes, terrorists, unChristian, too Christian, and a whole lot of words we cannot repeat.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has us on the list of “anti-government” hate groups (which is funny since our mission literally says our goal is to get folks involved in government!).  We don’t mind.  Many of our partner groups are on it too!  We consider it a badge of honor.  Most of the time we do not bother to refute the labels and accusations thrown at us from both the Right and the Left.  Why call attention to them or give them any credence?  Instead, we just keep doing what we do.  We’ve got a great track record, and we stay focused.
  • Does True Texas Project offer speakers?  Yes!  We would love to come to your event and talk about how to be an effective activist!  Email [email protected].
  • How can I contact TTP leadership?  Your first point of contact should always be your local leadership.  Attend a local meeting and seek out the director!  You may also email [email protected].  Your email will be routed to the appropriate person.

Money, Money, Money

  • How are you funded?  We are 100% donation-based.  Everything we do is only possible because generous people believe in True Texas Project and offer help.  The average recurring donation is $30/month, but some are as low as$5 or as high as $300 or more!  Recurring donations help us budget, so we love those, but we also love one-time gifts or event sponsorships, of course.
  • How do I donate?  There are lots of ways to donate.  Some are tax-deductible, some focus on campaigns, some focus on education, some are specific to a satellite location, and some are just general purpose.  We can’t do anything without your help, so we appreciate those who give, no matter how much or to which account.  See all the options for donating here.
  • How much are the dues?  We do not charge any dues or fees.  Our monthly meetings are free, though we do pass the hat to cover expenses for venue, speakers, and printing.  Those who are able to donate are much appreciated!  Social activities are paid by the participant (ie. coffees, dinners, etc).  Parties and fundraisers do require tickets to be purchased.
  • If you don’t have members or dues, who votes on your Board members?  Our by-laws provide for the current Board members to select new members as needed.  The decision is 100% by the Board via a vote.  We believe this is the best way to ensure the vision and goals of TTP remain consistent.
  • Are my donations tax-deductible?  If you donate to the c3 (True Texas Education), yes.  In that case, you”ll receive an end-of-year statement.  No other donations are tax-deductible.
  • How do I change my recurring donation amount?  To edit your existing account, email [email protected].
  • How do I update my credit card for my recurring donation?  To edit your existing account, email [email protected].
  • Can I donate to a specific need, task, or effort?  Yes!  Email [email protected] to get it set up.
  • Can my business sponsor an event?  Yes!  Email [email protected] to discuss options and benefits.
  • How can I apply for a True Texas Project scholarship?  Our scholarship contests happen in November of every year and are open to all high school students in Texas, regardless of what school you go to.  Please find details on our website in November.
  • What do I get if I donate?  For those who sign up for recurring donations of at least $25/month, we’ll give you a free t-shirt (see our donation page for details)!  You can also buy our branded merchandise, and True Texas Project gets a percentage of the sales.


  • Who should I vote for?  Do you have voting recommendations?  Yes!  For every election, True Texas Project puts out a list of recommendations, and you’ll find them posted on our website.  Note: these are often the lesser of evils and NOT an endorsement unless specifically stated.  Make it a habit to check our website before going to the polls.  If you don’t find your area’s races, feel free to email [email protected] to ask for help.  We provide recommendations as we receive them from trusted local activists.
  • Will you endorse my campaign?  We rarely endorse.  That’s a privilege saved for those candidates we know well and are pretty confident they will govern as they campaigned.  More often, we will provide a “recommendation.”  For all offices at the county level and smaller, those decisions are made by the local satellite leadership team. Attend a local meeting and ask the leadership team for an interview.  For the larger offices, the candidates are interviewed by the TTP Board, who then votes on who to support.  Email [email protected] to request an interview.
  • Does TTP provide blockwalkers for candidates?  Sometimes, but not often.  If you are an endorsed candidate, we may set up a blockwalking event once in a while.  We also sometimes will help promote a blockwalking event a candidate is hosting, but again, that is only for endorsed candidates.  Local satellites may set up blockwalks at their own whim.
  • How can I volunteer for a candidate?  Reach out to the candidate via their website or social media.  If that does not work, we can try to connect you.  Email [email protected].
  • What’s the difference between a recommendation and an endorsement?  Most of the time, voters are forced to choose between the lesser of all evils because there simply is no good candidate on the ballot.  Since we all still have to make a decision, we will “recommend” someone.  Thankfully, recommendations are not always that difficult.  Sometimes we have great candidates to recommend but did not offer a full endorsement because endorsements require 100% agreement from the team making the decision.  A True Texas Project endorsement means we fully believe that candidate will stand strong to campaign promises, and frankly, we are hesitant to trust anyone until they’ve been seen in action.
  • Can I help with your voting recommendations?  Yes!  We especially value your input for areas where we do not have a leadership team, or in local elections when there are so many races all across the state for each school board and ISD.  It’s impossible for us to know about them all!  Email [email protected].

Do you still have questions?  Please email [email protected]