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TTP@Home Groups
Not seeing a location near you? Join or start a small group!  TTP@Home Groups gather in homes, libraries, restaurants, or other spaces for fellowship, support, and conversation.  They watch our monthly podcast (TTP@Home) or a recording of one of our speakers from YouTube, and they even watch our monthly statewide announcements video.  It’s the next best thing to having a True Texas Project satellite in your community.  This is a pilot program for us, and we are looking for hosts.  Host locations are listed below, and if anyone inquires, we direct them to the proper contact. 

If YOU would like to be a host, or if you are looking for a small group, please email [email protected].  The most successful TTP@Home Groups will get first dibs when we look to launch new satellites!
*Note:  TTP@Home Groups are only loosely affiliated with True Texas Project. They are authorized to show our videos, and that is encouraged, but they are not thoroughly vetted and may or may not reflect all of TTP’s values and beliefs.

  • TTP@Home Dennison – hosted by Carl
  • TTP@Home Florence – hosted by Diane
  • TTP@Home Kerrville – hosted by Lynn
  • More @Home Group locations to come as we develop this program!

Other Options
Here are some groups we believe are well-aligned with True Texas Project in locations where we do not have satellites: