True Texas Project

What Others Are Saying

“True Texas Project-recommended candidates have seen sweeping success…” ~ Texas Observer, January 2023

“One of the most active groups in Texas” ~ New York Times, August 2019

“succeeded in ways that most conservative grassroots groups…can only dream about.”  ~ Texas Tribune, August 2015

“a statewide political force…considered a gatekeeper to reaching primary voters” ~  Ft Worth Star-Telegram, January 2016

“The most successful and visible group in Texas” ~ Rice University political science professor Mark P. Jones, January 2016

“grassroots warriors are some of the fiercest in the state.” ~ Texas Observer, August 2015

“responsible for recruiting and electing a faction of the most conservative politicians in the state…one of the state’s most influential…groups.” ~ San Antonio Express News, August 2019

“regarded as one of the most active grassroots… organizations in Texas…has become a reckoning force in political races.” ~ The Fort Worth Business Press, Feb 2016

“True Texas Project is important to me because it gives me a place to connect with other local patriots and organize, strategize, and inform each other on the tricks and treachery of our current elected officials.”  ~ Mitchell R, Grapevine

“This group has a leadership that is on fire to defend our constitution and stand for our God given rights! This group will lead Texas!” ~ Maggie W, Burleson

“The True Texas Project allows the citizen of Texas to understand the history and values of our great state.” ~ Ward W, Dallas

“True Texas Project means returning to our Texas roots of bravely defending our liberties and protecting our rights.” ~ Julie A, Bedford

“With True Texas Project we can more effectively protect our conservative state by uniting our voices into one.” ~ Laura O, Grapevine

“Texas is synonymous with freedom. True Texas is our never dying Project to ensure that freedom lives today as well as in our rich history!” ~ Jamie J, Grapevine

“True Texas Project has for years been a key part of a powerful political network” ~ Texas Tribune, June 2024

“True Texas Project was crucial in the rise of Texas’ ultraconservative movement” ~ Star-Telegram, June 2024

“I know that the True Texas Project gets things done and I need each and every one of you to continue to fight for the conservative principles we all stand for.” ~ U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, November 2023

“ultra-conservative Christian activist group” ~ MSN, June 2024

“An influential grassroots group with close ties to Texas Republican lawmakers” ~ AOL, June 2024

TTP@Home Podcast

On the 1st Friday of every month, we bring you action items, legislative and election updates, and an interview with one of our speakers.  If you live too far away to attend one of our 18 satellites, we hope you’ll tune in to our monthly podcast.  Invite friends, family, and neighbors over to watch together and discuss the issues.


True Texas Project 15th Birthday Party RECAP!

True Texas Project 15th Birthday Party RECAP!

The True Texas Project’s 15th Anniversary Birthday Party was a great success!
Despite a near shutdown and cancellation of the event by the Fort Worth Botanic Garden themselves, a massive social media smear…

July 16, 2024 Read More
True Texas Project Makes SPLC’s List of Anti-Government Groups for Third Consecutive Year

True Texas Project Makes SPLC’s List of Anti-Government Groups for Third Consecutive Year

An accomplishment of the highest honor!

When an organization that supports late-term abortion, child mutilation, socialism, globalism, open borders, mass migration, tyranny, and criminals lists you as an enemy, you know you’re doing…

July 11, 2024 Read More