Attention Texas High School Students!

True Texas Project is excited to announce our newest scholarship!

  • Who: all high school students in Texas
  • What:  scholarship essay contest
  • When:  applications are due Nov 30 at 11:59pm
  • Where:  anywhere in Texas, any high school (public, charter, private, home); family members of TTP staff are not eligible, but family members of volunteers are encouraged to apply
  • Why: to award 3 prizes as outlined below to students who show an understanding of the economic issues facing the United States
    • 1st Prize:  Gold Eagle coin + $500
    • 2nd Prize:  Silver Eagle coin + $250
    • 3rd Prize:  Half Dollar coin + $250
    • All winners are offered tickets for themselves and 2 guests to attend one of our Christmas parties.

  • Howcomplete the online form along with an essay addressing at least 3 of the 7 topics provided below (bonus points for incorporating more than 3). Essays can be typed in any format and be any length, but it’s probably a good idea to check spelling and punctuation!
    • What are your viewpoints on the current US debt of $33 trillion+ and the unfunded liabilities of $194 trillion?  Who do you hold responsible for this, and how do you think it will be repaid?
    • What is your opinion of the proposed BRICS system and what impact will it have on the US dollar if these countries create an alternative currency to use for trade outside of the US dollar?  (Currencies backed by commodities)
    • If the US dollar were to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, what would be your opinion of the repercussions to the US economy?
    • What is your opinion of the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) system being proposed, and how might that system apply to you in the future?
    • The Central Bankers continually put out statements demeaning the value and ownership of gold.  Why would they do so, as many countries are currently buying massive amounts of gold for their reserves?
    • Several banks have failed recently.  What do you think caused these failures, and who is to blame?
    • If you were the sole decision maker with the power to take corrective action to our current monetary system, what action would you take and why?
  • Judging:  The leadership team of True Texas Project will do the final judging based on personal opinion as well as feedback received from activists within our organization. The winners will be announced on Dec 4, 2023, on our True Texas Project Facebook, Instagram, and website pages.  Winners will be recognized at our Christmas party if they are able to attend, but prizes will be awarded at the January True Texas Project meetings nearest to the winners.  Winners must accept the prize in person at a TTP meeting. All decisions of the Board of True Texas Project are final and indisputable.