Early Voting: February 14 – February 25
Election Day: March 1

The True Texas Project Board members will not ever tell you how to vote.  Instead, we let you know where we as individuals are leaning and offer that as a starting point for your own research.  THESE ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS.  In fact, often we have to choose the lesser of two evils. These are the # of votes for each candidate out of 7.
Governor                           Don Huffines 7 votes (or anyone but Abbott!)
Lt Governor                      Trayce Bradford 4 votes    Daniel Miller 3 votes
Attorney General             Louie Gohmert                   7 votes
Comptroller                      Glenn Hegar                       7 votes
Land Commissioner        Buckingham 2 votes; Spiers 2 votes; Avila 1 vote
Ag Commmissioner         Carey Counsil 3 votes       Sid Miller 4 votes
RR Commissioner            Wayne Christian                7 votes
Court of Crim App           Clint Morgan                      7 votes
Supreme Court Pl 9         David Schenck                   7 votes

Each county has multiple other votes to consider.  True Texas Project does not have a leadership team in Brazoria County, but trusted sources have shared their opinions on the following races:

Congressional District 14        No data

Congressional District 22       Troy Nehls

Board of Education Dist         Julie Pickren

State Senate Dist 11                Mayes Middleton

Dist Judge 149                        Jessica Pulcher

Dist Judge 239                        Cindy Pulcher Bridges

County Court at Law 2           Patton Ritter

Dist Clerk                               No data

County Treasurer                    Dietrich von Biedenfeld

County Commissioner 2        Dan Davis

Justice of the Peace D1P2     no data

Justice of the Peace D4P2     no data

Conservation D3P1                no data

Print this guide and take it into the polls with you!