What Primary and Runoff Victories Mean for the Texas House

What Primary and Runoff Victories Mean for the Texas House

June 13, 2024

As former State Senator Don Huffines exclaimed to delegates at the 2024 Republican Party of Texas State Convention, “It’s going to be a great new day in Austin.”

A breath of fresh air is set to move through the Capitol in January after a swath of conservatives are sworn in. Here’s the list:

  1. Brent Money
  2. Steve Toth
  3. Janice Holt
  4. Matt Morgan
  5. AJ Louderback
  6. Alan Schoolcraft
  7. Katrina Pierson
  8. Wes Virdell
  9. Helen Kerwin
  10. Mike Olcott
  11. Keresa Richardson
  12. Shelley Luther
  13. Andy Hopper
  14. Mitch Little
  15. Don McLaughlin
  16. Caroline Fairly
  17. David Lowe
  18. Marc Lahood
  19. Tony Tinderholt*
  20. Nate Schatzline*
  21. Brian Harrison*

* Is a incumbent in the Texas House

This is largely a result of the March primary elections when several conservative challengers defeated incumbents and establishment-backed politicians. The trend continued into May when conservatives overwhelmingly won their races. 

This new wave of conservative leaders is committed to transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the legislative process. They plan to bring key issues to the forefront and ensure that the legislative agenda reflects the values and priorities of Texas voters. 

Nearly all of the victors signed onto the Contract with Texas, a list of reforms aimed at improving the Texas House. These reforms include ending Democrat chairmanships, ensuring all eight Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities receive a floor vote, and prioritizing key legislation early in the session to avoid it being killed by the clock.

For far too long in Austin, Democrats have secretly run the show. That’s because weak liberal Republicans have appointed them to chair powerful committees and prioritize their bills at the expense of Republican legislative priorities. 

Now, the status quo is no longer acceptable. The newly elected conservatives, joining incumbents Tony Tinderholt, Brian Harrison, Nate Schatzline, and Steve Toth – four stalwart champions – are going to completely reshape what it means to be a Republican State Representative in Texas. 

Texans have had enough of the failing pattern in the Texas House. It’s time for serious reform and tangible results. The current system must be overhauled. 

The Contract with Texas is not just a list of reforms but a pledge to the people of Texas. By focusing on these priorities from the outset of the legislative session, these representatives aim to avoid the pitfalls of previous sessions where crucial bills languished and died due to procedural delays and political maneuvering.

Texans are ready for a government that truly represents their interests and values. With this new conservative leadership, there is hope for a more effective and principled Texas House that can deliver on its promises and make a positive difference in Texans’ lives. The coming legislative session is poised to be a pivotal moment in the state’s political history as these dedicated conservatives work to restore faith in the legislative process and achieve meaningful change.