September 18, 2020

It’s that time of year again!  True Texas Project Citizen Advocates are gearing up for that bi-annual marathon event that we call the Texas Legislature.  This will be the 5th year that True Texas Project has had boots on the ground in and around Austin during legislative session.  Our Citizen army is growing, but we need more!

Our Citizen Advocates are busy all the time, but Leg Session is where we shine!  We make regular trips to Austin (single day trips), talk to legislators, write or call legislators, testify at committee hearings, register support or opposition for bills, deliver position papers, and generally try to impress the will of the grassroots activists on the members of the House and Senate.

There is something for everyone to do.  If you can’t make trips to Austin, you can contact legislators via phone, mail or email.  You can spread the word to friends and on social media, and you can pray for our efforts.  When you can’t be there, you can also watch hearings and floor action on the TexLeg videos (either live, or archived).

Are you concerned about

  • Budgets and spending?
  • Executive overreach?
  • Taxpayer funded lobbyists?
  • Property taxes?
  • Second amendment rights?
  • Right to Life issues?
  • Protecting children, families, and religious liberty?
  • School finance reform?
  • Keeping radical indoctrination out of school curriculum?
  • Election integrity?
  • Out of control toll fees and fines?

Our Citizen Advocates will be fighting for these and other important issues, and we need YOU to help us.  Please consider joining the TTP Citizen Advocate group, and help make a difference in your State government.  We welcome Citizen Advocates from every part of the State.  You do not need to be affiliated with True Texas Project to Participate.  As long as we’re working on common goals, our voices will be amplified when we work together.

You must sign up to be included in this program.  When you do, it means you will receive emails about call to action items.  If you can’t do the assignment that time, no worries.  There will be other assignments.  Sometimes it will be trips to Austin, sometimes calling or emailing members of committees, sometimes testifying at hearings, or sometimes just showing up, wearing a particular sticker or shirt to show support and be present in the room.  It’s easy, and TTP will provide everything you need to accomplish the tasks we give you.  We will never send you anywhere alone – always an experienced advocate to help you navigate your way through the process.

We’ll also provide free training!  In addition to “on the job” type training as we do our work, we’ll do a 4 hour training session for Citizen Advocates early in the session.  We’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to be an effective Citizen Advocate. (including really important stuff like how to find the bathrooms, where to eat lunch, which elevator to get to which floors, and wear a sweater because the Capitol is always cold.)

So, here are your current action items to get ready to rumble:

  1. Sign up to be a Citizen Advocate by emailing Fran at [email protected]
  2. Watch for an announcement of Citizen Advocate Training coming in early January, and attend the training
  3. Mark your calendar for our first trip to Austin on Jan 12. This is opening day of the session, and we will plan some fun activities in addition to some serious work.

Morton Blackwell has said “Political success is determined by the number and effectiveness of the political activists on either side.”  If Morton is right, then in order to succeed, WE have to have higher numbers and better effectiveness than the other side.  We call that Citizen Advocacy!

Don’t be left behind with nothing to do but complain on Facebook and twitter.  Join us and help make things happen!

Are YOU ready to rumble at the Capitol?