True Texas Patriots: The McCubbins

True Texas Patriots: The McCubbins

December 8, 2023

History & Inspiration

Meet Ryan and Robin McCubbin, conservatives deeply rooted in Texas’ proud traditions and values. Mr.McCubbin, hailing from a line of 3rd generation Texans, and Mrs. McCubbin, whose Texan lineage spans an impressive five generations, are ardent defenders of their state and its heritage.

Inspired by the legendary figures of Davy Crockett and the early Texas Rangers, the McCubbins’ are unwavering champions of Texas-first politics. They firmly believe the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) should serve as a formidable force against the overreaching federal government. To the McCubbins, the RPT should actively resist tyranny from Washington, D.C., asserting Texas’s sovereignty.

Central to the McCubbins’ passion for Texas is their deep admiration for the state’s unwavering spirit, particularly the resilient and self-reliant attitude ingrained in its people. They believe this should guide conservative activists, urging them to uphold traditional values and Texas first principles. In their view, the RPT should be at the forefront of championing conservative ideals, forcing the hands of both party officials and legislators to put Texas first and resist liberal and progressive influences that are detrimental to Texans’ way of life, regardless of what political party these influences may reside in.

What’s facing Texas

The McCubbins’ strongly believe the biggest problem facing Texas is the southern border. They express concerns that if illegal aliens are allowed in, the very fabric of Texas will change. For them, the influx of illegal aliens threatens the state’s identity. Their belief is straightforward:

“If the people change, the culture changes; if the culture changes, Texas changes.”

Hence, securing the southern border is not just a matter of national security but a crucial step in preserving the unique Texan way of life.

Community Activism

In addition to their passionate advocacy for conservative principles, Mr. and Mrs. McCubbin are active members of the Longview community. They have been located in Longview for many years and have been deeply involved in the Longview area True Texas Project chapter for a year and a half while also being on the Board of True Texas Project.

Through their activism, Mr. and Mrs. McCubbin stand as a pillar of the conservative movement in Texas, working tirelessly to shape a future where conservative principles reign supreme. Their unwavering stance on Texas-first politics and dedication to safeguard the state’s identity, solidifies their commitment to ensuring a prosperous future rooted in conservative values and the preservation of Texas’s exceptional heritage.