Tarrant County Precinct Chair Race Reignites Calls for Closed Primaries

Tarrant County Precinct Chair Race Reignites Calls for Closed Primaries

April 25, 2024

Only Republicans should be Republican precinct chairs. This shouldn’t be a hard pill to swallow. Yet in Tarrant County, two-time Democratic candidate Chris Rector is suing the Tarrant County Republican Party and its Chairman, Bo French, for denying him the precinct 4230 slot. 

As a reminder, Texas doesn’t play by the closed primary rulebook. That means Democrats, or anyone with an itch for some political mischief, can waltz right into a Republican primary and stir the pot by voting for a less conservative candidate or even running for office themself. 

True Texas Project CEO Julie McCarty voiced support for closing the primaries last weekend. This is something that all Republicans should support.  If not, democrats could steal republican elections, just like they did in the Iowa Caucuses, by swarming the polls to cast their ballots for RINO Nikki Haley. 

Closing the primaries ensures that lawmakers are elected by true conservatives instead of Democrats who pretend to be Republican. This system would ensure there are no more party crashers and plenty of good ol’ fashioned GOP fun.

Closed primaries aren’t just about keeping the riff-raff out; they’re about protecting the sanctity of our political process. Christine Welborn, President of Advancing Integrity, said this best: “Closed primaries are essential to accurate elections.”  In a world where trust in politicians is about as scarce as a snowflake in July, closed primaries offer a glimmer of hope because we can ensure at a bare minimum that the people electing our lawmakers are at least in line with the principles in the Republican party platform. 

After all, why let the other team call the shots for our party? It’s time to keep it exclusive, keep it fair, and keep it Republican.