Texas is unique from many states in that we have runoff elections if no candidate gets at least 50% of the vote.  After the March 2 Primary, we now have 3 statewide runoff elections, plus many others in various districts.


Attorney General:  PAXTON vs Bush
Land Commissioner: Buckingham vs Westley
RR Commissioner:  CHRISTIAN vs Stogner

A couple notes on those races…

  • Attorney General:  Obviously there is no way we’re going to support any Bush, so Paxton is hands down our pick.  We were never anti-Paxton when we supported Gohmert for Atty Gen, and we stated as such on our website.  We just thought Gohmert was stronger.  Now that Paxton is the one who made the runoff, we are fully in support of him to continue as our AG.
  • RR Commissioner:  You may or may not be aware of the gal who put Wayne Christian in a runoff.  She literally exposed her naked body in public for all to see and stated she doesn’t need “money” to win an election.  It is an embarrassment to the state of Texas that she made it to the runoff, especially against a man as outstanding as Wayne Christian.  She handed out unicorns as campaign cards.  We will host Wayne Christian as part of our Runoff Series in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) satellite on April 19.  This was livestreamed from our Facebook page, and the video is available there.
  • Land Commissioner:  Our Board was split on this race initially.  Two of those chosen by the Board lost; one (Buckingham) made it to the runoff.  We hosted public interviews of both runoff candidates in the RGV satellite on Friday, May 13 and intended to livestream and post the recording, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  You’ll need to do some research to discover who to vote for, but our Board is leaning toward Buckingham.

Brazos County
State Rep D12             Bius
District Clerk              Garcia
Cty Commiss Pct2      Konderla
Precinct Chair 27       Ballasy
Precinct Chair 64       Stasiowski
Precinct Chair 88       Schams

Collin County
State Rep, D61             Chabot
State Rep Dist 70        Bowlin
County Court 5           Angelino
District Clerk              Gould
Constable Precinct 1   Carpenter

Dallas County
SBOE, Dist 13            Monette

Denton County
State Rep, D63            Younger
Cty Commiss 2            Stricklin
Precinct Chair Races:

1000 Sandra K. Dobbs Church of Christ at Sanger
1003 Alana S. Phillips Church of Christ at Sanger
1019 Brandon Burden Stafford MIddle School, Frisco
1021 Justin Harville Cobb Middle School, Frisco
1022 Jeffrey Axelrod Cobb Middle School, Frisco
1023 Tom McCorkill Cobb Middle School, Frisco
1024 Jennifer White Cobb Middle School, Frisco
1025 Mike Zaal. Fire Station #7, Frisco
1026 Jane Anne Sellars Fire Station #7, Frisco
1032 Kerry Huffman Cobb Middle School, Frisco
1033 Anna Preissig Stafford Middle School, Frisco
1035 Elizabeth Hopkins Stafford Middle School, Frisco
1036 Tad Preston Stafford Middle School, Frisco
1045 Alisa D. Burns. Inglesia de Dios Eben
1046 Lora D. Blackwell Inglesia de Dios Eben
1057 Tyler A. Miller-Shain Sherman Drive Church of Christ
2070 James E. Timmons Corinth City Hall
2071 Elizabeth Seymour Corinth City Hall
2074 Nick Augustine Corinth City Hall
2076 Debra Liva Little Elm Community Center
2077 Jeanie Beal Little Elm Community Center
2080 Jackie Wakin Frisco Government Center
2083 Jena Masquelier Frisco Government Center
2084 Janet Gadd First Baptist, The Colony
2102 Anne Markwell Timberglen Rec Center
2103 Marc Esquivel Timberglen Rec Center
2107 Camille Johnson Carrollton Public Library
2109 Cyndi L. Hyltin Rosemeade Rec Center
3115 Stevan Brown Indian Creek Club House
3152 Clifford Almquist Highland VIllage Muni Complex
3153 Jean Bassinger Highland Village Muni Complex
3154 Mark Solow Highland Village Muni Complex
3155 Phil Maloney Highland Village Muni Complex
3159 Joy Preston. Hickory Creek Town Hall
4164 Spencer Brolsma LifeLine Church
4176 Jennifer Harris LifeLine Church
4179 Carol Ryan LifeLine Church
4193 Morgan McComb First Baptist Church of Justin
4198 David Wylie Southwest Courthouse, Argyle
4201 Joshua Hendrickson Lantana Community Center
4207 Gloria McDonald Lantana Community Center
4217 Joel McGregor Southwest Courthouse, Argyle

Erath County
JP, Pct 2                      Evans

Galveston County
House District 23        Wilson

Harris County
Harris county judge: Alexandra Mealer (endorsed)
County commissioner district 2: Jack Morman (recommended)
HD 133: Shelley Barineau (recommended)

Lubbock County
State Rep D84             Glasheen (8 votes) or Tepper (1 vote)
County Court 2           Brummet (3 votes) or Nebb (6 votes)

Montgomery County (not a TTP location, but provided by MCTP)

Precinct Chair Races for MoCo
2                  Ken Frappier                  Conroe

4                  Nelson Reyes                 Woodlands

11                Dawn McMinn              S. Lake Conroe

13                Matt Wells                     Magnolia

29                Keith R. Grant               Magnolia

41                Johnny Nail                   Porter

74                Ginger Russell               Magnolia E

86                Anne Anderson             SE Lake Conroe

89                Melinda Olinde             Magnolia E

91                Mark Fuber                    Magnolia

97                Kim Weber                    Magnolia E

99                Suzanne Rapattoni        Magnolia E

102              DJ Fike                          NW Conroe

105              William Clevenger        Montgomery

109              Karen Zeller                   SE Conroe

Orange County
Cty Comm Pct 2         Sowell

Potter & Randall Counties
District Judge 47         Wilson (2 votes) or Johnson (7 votes)
Randall Cty Comm 2  Wright
Randall Cty Comm 4  Boatler
Randall Cty JP4          Flores (5 votes) or Balke (4 votes)

Tarrant County
Board of Ed D13         Monette
State Rep, D91            Lowe
State Rep, D93            Schatzline
District Attorney         Sorrells (4 votes)/Krause (3 votes)
Crim Court 5                Johnson
Precinct Chair 3321    McCarty
Precinct Chair 3527   Miller

Travis County
CD37                            Lingsch
State Rep 19               Troxclair
Judge 207th               Cusack

Williamson County
State Senate D24        Reyes
State Rep D52             McGuiness
Pct Chair 145     Norbut
Pct Chair 201     Chizick
Pct Chair 231     Perrine
Pct Chair 244     Carlson
Pct Chair 252     McDonald
Pct Chair 254     Martin
Pct Chair 255     Bagwell
Pct Chair 256     Stroud (5 votes) or Parsons (3 votes)
Pct Chair 257     Chalupa
Pct Chair 261     Shaw
Pct Chair 264     Sanders
Pct Chair 277     Nichols  (9 votes) or O’Bryan (2 votes)
Pct Chair 310     Pressley
Pct Chair 370     Quinten
Pct Chair 372     Adams
Pct Chair 390     Lowrance
Pct Chair 396     McCrory (9 votes) or DeVillez (1 vote)
Pct Chair 433     Romere

Wise County
County Clerk               Tuma
Precinct Chair 4         Losey
Precinct Chair 15        Noyes
Precinct Chair 16        Pack
Precinct Chair 17        Jackson
Precinct Chair 22       Wheeler

Areas with no TTP Satellite
State Rep, D52            Patrick McGuinness
State Rep, D60            Mike Olcott
State Rep, D63            Jeff Younger
State Rep, D73            Carrie Isaac