Rebuking The Trib

June 15, 2024

The Texas Tribune wrote a hit piece on True Texas Project regarding our upcoming 15th Birthday Party where we will host a variety of speakers on a variety of topics.  The Trib looked at our topics and called us all the usual names:  racist, anti-semitic, etc.  This is the rebuttal from one of our keynotes:

The gutter-snipe Texas Tribune produced a hit piece on the ONE True Texas Project, which is described here as a hate organization because it identifies the US with a specific religious heritage and because it opposes the open borders policy that the Texas Tribune obviously relishes. A major sin committed by this group against the TT’s post-Christian woke religion was to have invited me as a speaker. Lest anyone miss the point of this invective, my subhuman diabolical nature is laid out by these ranting leftists in the following passages:

On Wednesday, the Tribune reported that the conference lineup features figures with ties to anti-semites and extremists, including Paul Gottfried, a far-right author who mentored neo-Nazi Richard Spencer.

For the record, my relations with Richard Spencer, who as far as I know does not identify himself as a “neo-Nazi,” had nothing to do with racial questions; it was mostly driven by interests in historical questions and did not last more than a few years in my already long life.  If the low-grade moron who wrote this bilge and who would have unsettled by his crassness Paul Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda, bothered to check, he would discover that I am a widely published historian whose books have been published by Cambridge, Princeton, Cornell, MacMillan and other reputable presses. The moron who slandered me might discover if he could find his way through my scholarship, that I rarely address racial questions and that my family fled from Nazi extremists and antisemites.

If I am addressing my accusers with undisguised contempt, it is because they have earned my revulsion.