March 9, 2020
6:30pm - 8pm
Grande Ballroom of the NRH Centre
6000 Hawk Ave
N Richland Hills, TX

For our March meeting, True Texas Project has a much-loved speaker back! Massey Campos took us all by surprise and was a hit with the crowd the last time he came. His energy, passion, and wealth of knowledge kept everyone on the edge of their seat… and he’s back!  His topic, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, will pull away from the confusion, and provide a clear answer to what the founding fathers meant when writing, “The Pursuit of Happiness.”  Using the founders’ own writings and quotes, Massey will show that the common understanding of the term is in-fact a misconception.

True Texas Project
Speaker: Massey Campos
Monday, March 9, 2020
6000 Hawk Ave, NRH
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45pm – $5 dinner opens (first come, first served)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
All patriots are welcome. Come as you are!
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.
Coming in late? No worries. We’ll save you a seat.
Need childcare?  It’s free.  Sign up by emailing [email protected].

About Massey Campos

Massey Campos

Massey Campos is the Founder of Self-Evident Ministry. Self-Evident is an educational ministry that presents the founder’s Biblical view of law and government.

Massey is a Conservative American of Hispanic descent. He travels across this country speaking to Conservative Patriot Groups, Churches, High Schools, Colleges, Community events and much more. He has a very powerful and engaging message regarding the Christian Constitutional foundation and Biblical heritage of this great nation, how that foundation is still intended to guide this country, and how we can reach this upcoming generation with Constitutional conservative values. Massey’s message will not only give Americans the knowledge to articulate the purpose of civil government, but also empower them to exercise their constitutional rights.

Massey has been seen on AP, NBC, Yahoo News, The Weekly Standard, and The Blaze. Massey is a first-generation American, as both his parents were born and raised in Mexico and immigrated to America in order to pursue the American dream. He has three awesome boys, a beautiful wife Cari, who assists with Massey’s appearances. He
and his family currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

You can learn more about Massey by going to


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