April 13, 2020
Join us on our live broadcast with Russ Ramsland! Russ is no stranger to conservative politics and activism in Texas!  He has been touring the state exposing the inner workings of the shadow government to groups like ours, and he is uniquely qualified to bring clarity and insight to the latest activities of the deep state. Come meet this friend and fellow patriot, and learn some inner details that may surprise you!
True Texas Project
Speaker: Russ Ramsland on The Deep State
Monday, Apr 13, 2020
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About Russ Ramsland:
Russ is an international business entrepreneur from West Texas whose business ventures have taken him all over the U.S., the Middle East, the South Pacific, Japan and Europe for projects involving oil & gas exploration, advanced communications, advanced semi-conductor materials, finance, and commercial real estate. Mr. Ramsland found the popular Texas Embassy Cantina near the former Republic of Texas Legation building in London, England where it operated for 18 years.

He has unique government experience from serving on Capitol Hill for Chairman George Mahon to working with the Reagan White House, NASA and MIT to develop new semiconductor materials on the U.S. Space Shuttle for SDI.  The results supported United States’ efforts to attain and maintain over-match in both space exploration and defense.

He is a charter member of the Parks Cities Presbyterian Church and sometimes attends Watermark.  He is also the founder of the Parks Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum.  The latter champions community discussions on security and government concerns, the critical role of Christianity in the founding of this nation, and generally raising the awareness of citizens while teaching them how to get involved with local, state, and federal political issues.  He relinquished leadership of it to become a candidate in the 2015 Republican Party Primary for the 32nd U.S. Congressional District.  Now he does a series of educational lectures that he gives at various schools as well as various religious, civic and political organizations.

In his professional life, he is a founding member and Chief Financial Officer for Allied Special Operations Group in Dallas, Texas, a company that is best described as a true private intelligence and security agency serving both private and government concerns with worldwide capabilities that very few government entities can match.

Russ has been blessed with professional and political awards and accolades for his work and currently serves on three corporate boards. He is a graduate of Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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