June 12, 2021
9am - 12:30pm
Mahon Public Library
1306 9th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401
Lubbock, TX

Attention Lubbock County and surrounding areas:  True Texas Project Citizen Advocate Training is coming to Lubbock!  This popular training session has booked out 3 times in the DFW area, and was well received in Parker County and Wise County.  Now we’re bringing it to Lubbock, so don’t miss out.  Training is free, and it’s everything you need to be an effective, efficient Citizen Advocate.
The Citizen Advocate Training is a 4 hour, in-depth training session on being a Citizen Advocate at every level of government.  We focus heavily on the Texas State Legislature, but lessons learned can be applied to any government entity.  We will teach you things like
  • Legislative Process
  • How to Testify at a Committee Hearing
  • How to Use the TLO website
  • Effective communications with Elected Representatives
  • Navigating the Capitol
  • Working with City, County and School governments

Training is conducted by Fran Rhodes, President of True Texas Project, with featured guest speakers on individual topics.  The training is free, and all are welcome.  It does, however, require registration (because space is limited).

TTP Citizen Advocates make regular trips to Austin during sessions and during the interim, actively advocating for or against legislation as it relates to our Legislative Priorities.  For activists not able to travel to Austin, we put them to work making phone calls, writing letters, or sending emails.  And for those who can’t do any of those things, we just ask that they pray for our efforts.  There is something for everyone.  Citizen Advocates also work things at the municipal and national levels.  We invite all like minded conservative activists in the State to join us.  If you’ve never done this before, we can help you understand how it works and how to do it.  If you’re an old hat at legislative advocacy, we welcome your expertise, and adding your voice to the message.

Click Here to register for the free training, get yourself informed and prepared, and get ready to save Texas!

True Texas Project Citizen Advocate Training Workshop

Saturday June 12, 2021

Location : Mahon Public Library, 1306 Ninth St

Lubbock, TX  79401 

Time 9:00am – 1:00pm

Ticket Required (Click Here – it’s free!)