July 14, 2020
7am - 7pm

The May 26 Primary Runoff Election has been moved to July 14.  Early voting is June 29 – July 10.

In Tarrant County there is only ONE race to vote on!  It is for the 2nd Court of Appeals Place 7.  The Board of True Texas Project has unanimously selected Brian Walker over Elizabeth Beach.  You may find all voting information for Tarrant County here.

Elsewhere in Texas, there are 7 runoffs for State Rep that we are watching.  Texas Scorecard did a nice summary, so we are providing it here.

  • HD 2: Dan Flynn vs. Bryan Slaton
    Runoffs rarely bode well for an incumbent lawmaker, and this race is shaping up to be no exception. Flynn was one of the most conservative lawmakers when first elected in 2003. For the last two sessions, however, he has received an F on the Fiscal Responsibility Index.Bryan Slaton, a conservative small businessman from Royse City, is going head-to-head with Flynn, highlighting his opponent’s dismal record on pro-taxpayer issues, as well as his lavish spending of campaign funds.
  • HD 25: Ro’vin Garrett vs. Cody Vasut
    The race to replace departing Speaker Dennis Bonnen in the Texas House has been narrowed down to two candidates.Ro’vin Garrett has served as the tax-assessor collector in Brazoria County for 19 years, after working in the office for 16 years prior. For all that experience, however, Garrett was silent when legislation to offer property tax relief was placed in front of the legislature in 2017 and 2019, choosing not to testify.Her opponent, Cody Vasut, is also no stranger to elected office, having been elected to the Angleton City Council. Vasut has been more outspoken on the issues than Garrett, campaigning on constitutional carry, private property rights, banning taxpayer-funded lobbying, and term limits.
  • HD 26: Jacey Jetton vs. Matt Morgan
    When State Rep. Rick Miller (R–Sugarland) announced his retirement from the legislature, it appeared former Ft. Bend County GOP Chairman Jacey Jetton had the race in the bag, receiving the endorsement of Gov. Greg Abbott, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, as well as a slew of establishment political organizations.But in the primary election, Jetton placed second to Richmond businessman Matt Morgan, who nearly won the race outright. With no financial reports filed since March, however, it remains to be seen if Morgan can raise the funds necessary to secure a victory in July.
  • HD 45: Carrie Isaac vs. Bud Wymore
    This Republican-leaning Central Texas district fell into Democrat hands in 2018. Now two Republicans are vying for the chance to take it back.Carrie Isaac is the wife of former State Rep. Jason Isaac. Endorsed by several conservative organizations, and receiving 49% of the vote in March, Carrie Isaac is considered the favorite to win the race, even while questions about her role with a nonprofit to help disabled veterans secure employment has come under scrutiny.Her opponent, Bud Wymore, has taken criticism as well, including for his role in filing lawsuits against gun ranges, an action Wymore has characterized as standing up for property rights.
  • HD 47: Jennifer Fleck vs. Justin Berry
    In another seat once considered safely Republican, this Travis County district was also taken by Democrats in 2018.Jennifer Fleck, an activist most known for her work in the Capitol on family issues, took first place in March and has been endorsed by her former opponents Aaron Reitz and Don Zimmerman.In the runoff, she faces second-place finisher Justin Berry, a 12-year police officer who has been active in his work with the Austin Police Association.
  • HD 59: J.D. Sheffield vs. Shelby Slawson
    As the fifth most-liberal Republican in the Texas House, it’s not exactly a surprise that Sheffield earned competition in the March primary.What was shocking, however, was his poor 30% finish in the three-way race, despite representing the district for four terms.He now faces Shelby Slawson, an attorney, small-business owner, and grassroots activist who has made Sheffield’s dismal record on conservative issues, such as gun rights and life, the centerpiece of her campaign.
  • HD 60: Jon Francis vs. Glenn Rogers
    This race is a battle to keep one of the state’s most Republican districts, currently represented by retiring State Rep. Mike Lang (R–Granbury),  in conservative hands.Jon Francis, a longtime conservative activist, has been endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, as well as Lang himself. His opponent has staked out his position as the establishment candidate, notably opposing constitutional carry and touting his support for taxpayer-funded lobbying on the campaign trail.