August 11, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Mercury One Studios
6301 Riverside Dr.
Irving, TX

This month’s speaker has been requested multiple times, and we are so eager to hear what she has to say. Join us in learning about the 30×30 Land-Grab from American Stewards of Liberty Executive Director, Margaret Byfield. “American Stewards of Liberty (ASL) is a non-profit organization working to protect private property rights and the liberties they secure. We challenge the policies that seek to undermine American’s ability to produce the food, fiber, energy, and minerals our nation needs. We confront the radical environmental movement, which believes the administrative state, not individuals, should determine how people use their land.”

We will also hear from Jerry Stewart, the host of “One Moment in America”, on Salem Radio Network.

True Texas Project
Speaker: Margaret Byfield
Intro: Jerry Stewart

Thursday, August 11th
Location: Mercury Studios
6301 Riverside Dr. Irving, TX

5:30pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45pm – $5 dinner opens (first come, first served)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.


About Margaret Byfield:

Margaret Byfield is the executive director of American Stewards of Liberty, a national private property rights organization founded in 1992. American Stewards confronts the policies eroding property rights, such as the Biden Administration’s 30 x 30 initiative. The organization also works directly with local communities to help protect the continued use of our natural resources – the production of our food, fiber, energy and minerals. Margaret is a natural resource policy expert. She was raised on a large cow calf operation in Central Nevada, which became subject of the landmark takings case, Hage v. United States. She writes the Liberty Matters news service along with her husband, Dan Byfield, CEO of American Stewards.


About Jerry Stewart:

Jerry Stewart was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He was taught early in life that if you want something, you must go after it, work hard, don’t quit, and don’t stop believing in yourself. Jerry is the author of the book “Saving America”, which speaks to what we must do now to save our great nation.

Jerry produces 3 nationally syndicated radio programs; “One Moment in America”, which airs daily on over 175 stations, “You Are There”, a weekend feature much like the Paul Harvey “Rest of the Story”, and his Holiday Specials that air on each of our major US holidays on over 400 radio stations. He is a keynote speaker promoting the conservative, patriotic, and God centered ideals that our nation was built upon. He is especially interested in honoring our Veterans in special military tribute events.

In 1975, at the age of 26, Jerry was given the wonderful opportunity to work in a film with cowboy legend, Roy Rogers. The film work with Roy caused him to move to Los Angeles where he worked for 9 years as a business manager and did small production projects through his company, Vision Productions. In Hollywood, Jerry represented many well-known child actors, and worked with shows like “Little House on The Prairie”. His work with actor/producer, Michael Landon, was another great “moment” in his Hollywood experience.

After nine years in Hollywood, Jerry moved to a quiet farming community in Washington State where he expected to finish out his work career with his Accounting firm; but his speaking and media work wasn’t quite meant to end that way. In 1997, his local radio station asked for listeners to submit on-air editorials. Jerry submitted his editorial, and after it aired one man remarked, “You sound a lot like Gomer Pyle”. But Jerry’s voice and message “rang out” that day to the station listeners, and his radio talk show career began.

He began producing patriotic holiday radio specials for his local station that became so popular he was invited by a national syndications company, Salem Radio Network, to go nationwide with his words of patriotism, self responsibility, God, and country. SRN represents more than 2,000 stations.

In September, 2009, Jerry moved back to his roots in Texas. In 2010, he met his wife, Kelly and they now reside in Hurst, Texas. Today, they are working through his programs and speeches and podcasts to spread his message of hope and responsibility across America. Jerry and Kelly are the founders of a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, “Saving The Nation”, which is providing home school studies to children, teaching them the principles and ideals that have made our America great.

Jerry and Kelly also try their best to spend a good amount of time traveling outside of the U.S. on various assignments. They believe that these foreign travels give them a “bigger and broader look” at our world to help them to better speak to our circumstances and solutions here in our America. In 2019, they were given two wonderful opportunities; they travelled to Israel for a better look at that nation from both a historical perspective and this present day. They also had the great opportunity to travel to Russia to spend time working with the students and teachers in one public school, both in the teaching of the English language, and the receiving firsthand some insights and knowledge from the people themselves there in Russia.

Jerry has been blessed with so many opportunities to share his thoughts and ideas of God and Country. Aside from his radio features and holiday specials, he has been given many great speaking opportunities. With all of his heart, Jerry wants to help us get back to what made our America great!