Vote Harvesting In Tarrant County

Vote Harvesting In Tarrant County

September 24, 2022

Ken Paxton warned us, and now it has arrived.Why is the Republican District Attorney not investigating the voter fraud scandal in Tarrant County? I get that sometimes people want to blame a boogeyman every time an election is lost and blame it on “election fraud” instead of lazy voters who won’t lift a finger to help campaign. That is not the case here. We have clear video footage of a homeless guy making big bucks to harvest votes illegally. And who was paying him? Deborah Peoples… Democrat candidate for Tarrant County Judge. Folks, homeless men don’t just rattle off the names of wanna-be politicians. He clearly knows her and her goons well. So why is DA Sharen Wilson doing nothing?

We can’t make her. She’s only in office for a few more months since she didn’t run for re-election, so I’m thinking pressuring her will do no good. However, we can and should do two things.

1. Make sure Phil Sorrells wins the DA seat in November. He has promised to go after voter fraud, whereas Sharen has refused.
2. Make sure Tim O’Hare wins against Deborah Peoples for County Judge.

Contact either candidate to offer to blockwalk, host a meet n greet, donate, get a yard sign, etc. Do SOMEthing.

And if you want to go ahead and give Sharen an earful, you can do so by calling 817-884-1400.

Remember… this frustration was brought to you by the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals… something most don’t pay attention to but should.

Monday, October 24 Early Voting Begins
Friday, November 4 Early Voting Ends
Tuesday, November 8 General Election Day

Stay in the fight!
Julie McCarty, CEO