True TX Project Sues Abbott’s SOS

True TX Project Sues Abbott’s SOS

November 6, 2021

True Texas Project is on the job!

We are suing Greg Abbott’s Secretary of State!  

Why?  Because of ballot language on Proposition 2.

The same amendment voters faced last week was attempted 10 years ago and was shot down because it represented a tax increase.  So what did our legislators do?  They rewrote it WITHOUT the language telling you that it’s a tax increase and resubmitted it to Texans to vote on.  It’s the very same measure, and they deliberately and knowingly decided not to give you the most important information for you to make a decision.

Before the bill was put on your ballot, we joined with 2 other organizations to warn the SOS that the language needed to be changed or we would sue. The language was NOT corrected, the measure passed, and we are now suing.  If we win, Governor Abbott will be required to declare the tax-raising amendment null and void.

True Texas Project is an action-oriented group.  We will not just get mad.  We will do something about it.  Stay tuned for updates.  Meanwhile, if you appreciate our efforts, feel free to show some support!


Here is a copy of the press release put out by True Texas Project, TURF, and GAWTP regarding our joint lawsuit: