The Texan Replacement

The Texan Replacement

September 29, 2023

Texas Senator William Blakley once said, 

“Texas is neither southern nor western. Texas is Texas.”

This statement from Senator William is true. Texas and Texans alike are known for their rugged lifestyle, beliefs, and vigorous determination. However, the unique culture that comprises Texas is under direct threat.

Over 8 million illegal aliens from foreign nations crossed over the Rio Grande onto Texas soil since Joe Biden took office. In the year 2022 alone, over 2,765,000 illegals were encountered at the southern border. Each brings their own culture and way of life. Recent reports from Texas DPS has shown that over 304,000 illegals crossed the Rio Grande in August alone, setting a new record for illegal crossings. 

If the number of illegal crossings continues, illegal aliens will outnumber Texans by the year 2033, with an increase from the current population of 2,400,000 to over 30,000,000. The Texas we know and cherish will no longer exist.

The Texas Government had multiple opportunities to protect Texas from this population replacement in the 88th legislative session but instead killed every Border security measure. 

These dead bills include:

  1. HB 20 (Texas border protection unite)
  2. SCR 23 (Declaration of Invasion)
  3. HB 3280 (End in-state tuition for Illegals)
  4. SB 1621 (Mandate E-verify)
  5. SB 1481 (Finish the Border wall)
  6. SB 147 (Ban Foreign adversaries from owning Texas land)
  7. SB 2424 (Make illegal entry a felony)

As a result of the 88th legislature’s failures, the grassroots must put pressure upon Governor Abbott to call a special session to address every border security measure that was killed.

Multiple state representatives are leading the way, such as Brian Harrison (R-Ellis County) and Matt Shaheen (R-Plano) who asked Governor Abbott to call for an immediate special session to address border security.

Let Governor Abbott know you want him to call a special session to address all of the border security bills that were killed in the 88th legislative session.

Governor Abbott contact info:

  • Office phone: (512) 463-2000
  • Send message through website here