Prepare To Be Intolerant

Prepare To Be Intolerant

July 13, 2019

An interesting event took place last month at the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. The outcome was hailed as a victory by many Republicans. They made phone calls, their voice was heard, and they got the vote they wanted to extend the program known as “287(g)” for 1 more year. This program allows law enforcement to ask inmates in our county jail basic questions about their life.

Estimates by Pew and Yale put the total number of illegal aliens in DFW between 475,000 and 875,000. According to Sheriff Waybourn, 287(g) led to the deportation of just 500 criminal aliens in 2018. But Republicans can learn something from this event. Some subtle indicators give a summary of HOW and WHY progressivism has dominated our discourse and taken our country into this brave new world. A world where clowns reign supreme.

If a change does not happen soon in the Tarrant County Republican Party, those who oppose the leftist agenda will see the loss of Tarrant County to the Democrats forever. The same thing happened in California that is now happening here and our leadership is walking us down the same failed path to political annihilation the California GOP suffered. A lack of understanding around a critical concept I will detail, and a failure to apply the first rule of politics will seal our fate. Your elected Republicans have already accepted defeat, you can see it in their eyes when you talk to them. But we don’t have to lose.

The political discourse in America operates within the bounds of an acceptable dialogue that is always shifting. Ideas at the extreme ends of the political spectrum are not generally welcome in polite society or electoral politics. As everyone reading this has noticed, this dialogue of acceptable ideas has continually moved to the left for your entire lifetime.

The mechanism for this change happens on all fronts. For example, in the 90’s, the TV show FRIENDS was making playful jokes about homosexuals. A few years later, Texas voted on homo marriage and said resoundingly “yeah, thanks but no thanks.” Then suddenly, those gay jokes were no longer acceptable on TV. Then the supreme Court, apparently believing Hollywood was an expression of reality, forced this idea of a same sex marriage upon us without any reasonable legal rationale whatsoever, simply alluring to “changed attitudes” of the public with no proof. Then, before Kim Davis was even released from jail we were debating whether or not we should be sterilizing grade school children by giving them cross-sex hormones and cutting off their genitals to help them change genders. This leftward lurch illustrates how every issue has played out in our society, with the exception of guns and abortion. The latter of which people have resisted because it’s so gruesome and degenerate.

So back to our Commissioners Court meeting, where foreign citizens were playing an active role in this intense debate over deporting 500 criminal aliens, or about .06% of the total foreign occupiers that reside in DFW according to Yale data cross referenced with Pew Research’s distribution data. Let’s look at some quotes from the meeting at how this issue of deporting .06% is discussed and what we can learn from it:


Sheriff Waybourn:

“There is not, this business of racism, is absolutely farfetched, it has nothing to do with it. Everybody is asked the same questions, everybody is treated exactly the same way and I’m sad that that [racism] came into this debate.”


He says he’s “sad” racism came into this debate. Why? Did you think it wouldn’t? He says it has nothing to do with racism? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Who cares?


We know statistically where most illegal aliens come from and many will openly admit they are here for political conquest.

This quote from the Sheriff shows us that the current “right-wing conservatives” are operating within the left-wing’s moral framework. This is why we are guaranteed to lose Tarrant County as long as this persists. This statement is saying basically, “even though we know that we have a problem with illegal immigrants coming from Latin America and Mexico, it’s more important not to be a racist because a racist is the worst thing you can be, and we’d rather live with these problems than be called a racist. Oh, and by the way, and we’re sorry for even bringing up the issue.”


Does this sound like strength to you? Does this sound like an office that demands respect?

We all know the “racism” game is rigged where we always lose, yet we still play!

Now, contrast this to the over-the-top response from the Democrat, Roy Brooks. He said with disbelief:

“I think we have created a monster that runs amok in our community, generating division, fear, distrust, and adds no value.”

Truly a remarkable statement considering we are talking about habitual lawbreakers who wake up every day in our homeland and give you and I, the citizens of America, a double barreled middle finger as they walk out the door believing themselves to be above our laws. Notice also, he says 287(g) has “run amok in the community” when this program is just officers asking questions to inmates while they are already in jail.

The real problem with the Republican Party, illustrated by the sheriff’s apology for asking jail inmates questions, is that Republicans don’t want to argue from a real right-wing perspective. They are incapable of arguing that progressivism is bad in itself, because in many ways they subscribe to leftist views. They cannot say that allowing unlimited people from Latin America who will vote left wing at a rate of 66% to come here and politically disenfranchise white conservatives (the ONLY group that votes majority Republican) is bad in itself. We don’t need to justify acting in our own self interests to ANYONE. Have we accepted that we aren’t allowed to preserve our culture and way of life because, what? Racism?

Realize that Republicans in our local leadership are not effectively opposing leftism, the new rising bolshevism, or the anarchism we saw on at the Commissioner’s Court the way that it’s been successfully opposed in Europe. Because if one does offer substantive, effective arguments against leftism, you will be called a derogatory name. Subsequently, fellow Republicans will not have your back, and will likely join in your condemnation even though it profits them nothing.

To argue that illegal aliens are dishonest and selfish people by their very nature is not something that is allowed in our current discourse, and it’s not because of the corporate press, by themselves they are discredited. It’s because you will be attacked by more moderate Republicans seeking approval from others. I would never sneak into another country and live there for decades knowing the host population disapproved and simply not caring, would you?

We need Republicans who are calling for the deportation of all illegals, the DACA babies, the anchor babies, & more! We need this not because it’s most likely to succeed, but because it will move the needle away from the 500 illegals we are currently debating to a more favorable debate for Republicans and America. We cannot tear down our radicals. This is how we position ourselves to advance our cause. As the largest Republican county in America, we should be the leader in this effort if we are serious.

To move the needle on this debate, as well as all other issues, we must allow AND give cover to those with more extreme views on the right wing of the party. When the waves of censorship started by big tech, I watched in shock as nobody defended those being silenced because they were political liabilities for Republicans of influence. Now, the censorship is coming for anybody who talks about any conservative issue outside of weird abstract free-marketism, an issue which by itself will not win us any more elections despite what Party Leadership is going around preaching.

If we try and run as the party “against socialism” we will lose. Likewise, if simply complain or ridicule ideas we see as foolish, we will lose.

To stop the advancement of leftism, we must take advantage of the first law of politics: we must be intolerant of progressivism. All of it. Total intolerance is how progressives moved the country so far left. Beyond left field and into outer space.

The breed of socialists we face are wholly intolerant of anything on the right, and give cover to those on the hard left, never attacking or speaking ill of a communist, Antifa, etc. The Republican Party leadership is currently calling for MORE tolerance, a proven failed strategy, just like was tried in California 10 years ago. All it does is put voters to sleep and alienate the base. The left in Tarrant County is intolerant of wanting to deport 500 criminal foreigners! We must start practicing intolerance of progressivism or soon you’ll yearn for the moderate days when the left was “only” concerned with sterilizing kids and making you pay for it with tax dollars (actually in the TX Democrat platform.)

Let’s finish what Trump started and capitalize on the yearning for an American Nationalist party and put these Bolsheviks in their place. We must look to the future and not just offer criticisms, but offer the American people a strong vision of sanity for our increasingly insane country.


Fredrick Hambright


Fredrick is a patriot, a lifelong resident of Tarrant County, and Republican since age 16.