It’s time to party again! That’s right – we threw a big ol’ party on our 10th Birthday, and now that we’re 5 years stronger, we’re throwing an even bigger one for our 15th! In fact, it’s not just a partyit’s an all-day conference.

This special conference features an incredible list of guest speakers.  Plus, your ticket includes lunch, dinner, evening entertainment by special guest, Chad Prather, and… BIRTHDAY CAKE (of course). We’ll also be making a toast to our success and taking a group photo that we want you to be a part of!

All this for just 50 bucks!  Wow!


Our birthday celebration takes place July 13 from 8AM to 9PM at AFN Studios in Plano.  Come to all or part of it.  Dress is casual.

Would you like to sponsor this event?  Sponsorships are available at three different levels, and exhibitor tables are available to candidates and organizations at just $50. (Note: exhibitor tables require pre-approval by True Texas Project. To inquire, please email [email protected].)


Our limited edition 15 Years Strong T Shirt will also be available at the conference for a donation of $15 or more (while supplies last). Or you can buy them in advance at our online store.



NEED A HOTEL?  If you are coming from outside the Metroplex, we’ve arranged a special rate of $99/night for Friday and/or Saturday, at Residence Inn by Marriott, Dallas Plano/Legacy, 5001 Whitestone Lane, Plano.  Use this link to reserve your room (All guests are responsible for their own room reservations and payment)  Breakfast and parking are included.  NOTE:  LAST DAY TO RESERVE HOTEL ROOMS IS JUNE 21, 2024.

Mainstage Events:

  • Morning Kick-Off – We’ll start at 8am with a welcome and passionate prayer from our venue host, Josh Feuerstein.  Then we’ll hear a brief tease from each speaker to let us know what to expect during their breakout session(s).
  • Lunch-N-Learn – Each attendee will receive a box lunch as we listen to an engaging interview conducted by C.Jay Engel, Pastor Andrew Isker, and Dr. Paul Gottfried on “Understanding Cultural Marxism.”
  • Closing Session – We’ll wrap up the day’s sessions with TTP favorite, Massey Campos, giving an encouraging message titled “There IS Hope: America’s Position In History”.
  • Birthday Party – Dinner and cake is on us… plus a toast to our success and a group photo with our True Texas family!  After dinner we’ll be entertained with Chad Prather’s comedy, music, and commentary.


  • 8:00 – welcome, prayer, speaker teasers; exhibit tables open all day
  • 8:30 – 1st breakout session
  • 9:30 – 2nd breakout session
  • 10:30 – 3rd breakout session
  • 11:30 – lunch-n-learn with Engel & Gottfried
  • 1:00 – 4th breakout session
  • 2:00 – 5th breakout session
  • 3:00 – 6th and final breakout session
  • 4:00 – closing session w/ Massey Campos
  • 5:00 – candidate meet-n-greet
  • 6:00 – dinner, cake, toast, group photo
  • 7:00 – entertainment with Chad Prather
  • 9:00 – end conference

Breakout Sessions: 

We’ve got 6 hours of breakout sessions planned, where you can choose any talk from any of our three tracks.  Bring a friend or two to divide and conquer because you’re gonna want to hear them all! Times and rooms will be updated soon.

TRACK ONE:  Aliens, Immigrants, & the Border – For the past 15 years, this has been the #1 topic among our activists, and that’s just as true today, if not more so.  Just remember, True Texas Project ain’t no country club.  We are driven to do something.  Get ready for solutions, and get ready to make them happen.

  • Multiculturalism & The War On White America with C.Jay Engel – You’d have to be hiding under a rock at this point to not have noticed the blatant antiwhite campaign by the Left. They don’t even hide their intent to rid the earth of the white race. It’s absolutely vital we remember that when they say “white supremacy” or “white nationalism” or whatever the most recent scare phrase is, they literally just mean your heritage and historical way of life. It’s a culture war, simple as that.  Stop apologizing. Stop backing down.  Start fighting back.
  • Immigration Legal & Illegal with Todd Bensman – We can all agree that illegal aliens need to be stopped, but what about those who immigrate legally?  Does America have a moral obligation to always be that melting pot of yesteryear?  Is the immigrant of today still arriving to tame the land and create something better, or are they just sucking off America’s teat?  Is it ok to want American jobs for American workers?  Does it make sense to ask for a moratorium on immigration until we know who is coming in, why, and in what numbers? It’s time to think these things through, and Todd Bensman is the expert to help us.
  • Great Replacement Theory with Wade Miller – As American birth rates decline and foreign-born population increases, demographic replacement of American citizens is clearly not just a theory, but a reality.  By tying the Great Replacement Theory to white-nationalist and anti-Semetic violence, the establishment condemns any recognition of ongoing demographic transformation as racist.  Concerned citizens are told not to believe their lying eyes, while the progressive Left celebrates a majority-minority future as a moral triumph.  It is reasonable to fear these population changes will transform our national culture and represent a deliberate policy of replacing citizens with subjects.
  • America Invaded: Now What? with Ammon Blair – We all know the federal government has no intention of stopping the flood of illegal aliens pouring across the border.  And most of us have figured out that, though Governor Abbott has some good sound bites, he would rather bow to his cheap labor donors than do what he knows is the right thing.  So what happens next?  Are we supposed to just sit back and take it?  No!  There is a proven solution that will work.  In this session, we’ll discuss the steps, and then we’ll lay plans for a workshop with all those activists interested in carrying them out.
  • Texas First with Don Huffines – description pending

TRACK TWO:  Christian Nationalism
– Yeah, we said it, and we’re not afraid of it.  We have a reputation for getting to the heart of a matter.  Is it wrong to want to preserve a Christian culture?  Are we only allowed to talk about these things in hushed tones?  Not here.  It’s a conversation worth having.  In fact, we’re told it will be the first conference of this kind in America, and new faces will come in to hear from the experts we’re hosting.  Stretch your mind a bit and listen to what they have to say.

  • Global Gaslighting: The Biblical Case for Ordered Affection with Andrew Isker – Across all human cultures and throughout all of human history the love of one’s own people and place have been regarded as a virtue. Scripture even commands believers to love and care for their kin. Something changed after WWII where the love of home, hearth, and kin began to be denigrated and replaced with globalism. This exchange has occurred in the context of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. Now, love of one’s own people is regarded as xenophobia – an imaginary social pathology. Americans are now expected to view their nation as a set of propositions open to the world, which is evil. Political activists will be given the tools to reject the globalist propaganda and the shrewd gaslighting they have been subjected to for decades.
  • The Case For Christian Nationalism with Stephen Wolfe – Despite modern attempts to whitewash our own history, it is a fact that America’s early years were marked by a robust English Protestant cultural and political order. This order was gradually replaced by a philosophy of secular liberalism, which pretended to impose a values-neutral public sphere where policies are determined by reason and social science. Secular liberalism rejected America’s traditional underpinning of law and culture, Christianity, and this vacuum was rapidly filled with leftist progressivism. Evangelicalism has been at a loss as to how to respond, largely viewing faith as a personal affair with no role for Christianity in the public realm. The results of this change have been disastrous. Our forefathers knew that society was shaped and informed by law and that there is a supportive role for politics to play in faith and culture. Stephen Wolfe shows us how to restore sanity to our political arena by adopting the ordering principals of our forefathers – natural law.
  • Objections to Christian Nationalism with Stephen Wolfe – Does it make you nervous or uncomfortable to take a stand for your faith and culture?  It shouldn’t.  Put those fears to rest in part two of The Case for Christian Nationalism
  • Will The Real Israel Please Stand Up: Is Christian Zionism Biblical? with Andrew Isker – Christian Zionism, a novel method of Bible interpretation birthed in the late 19th Century, has taught four generations of American Christians that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, and its existence proves (1) we are in the end times and (2) that an “Armageddon” is just around the corner. Christians will soon be “raptured” out of a world caught up in a dark, irreversible, decline, and any attempt to restore political order is futile. There are also frequent dysfunctional political dispositions that accompany Christian Zionism like military adventurism abroad and political passivism at home. These dispositions hinder Christian engagement in the political realm. In order for American Christians to employ broad political reform to fight the left and weather the coming storms, it is imperative they remove the dubious theological shackles from their faith and politics. Pastor Isker will help us understand the importance of the church and the role of the Christian citizen in the political realm with new eyes.
  • The Wrong Kind of Right (or, “A History of Neoconservatism”) with Paul Gottfried – The challenges of post WW2 America enticed a new generation of political strategists to advocate for policies that prioritized a global anticommunist campaign. Unfortunately, this school of political thought retreated from the culture wars at a crucial time. It envisioned America as the global champion of freedom and democracy and encouraged interventionism. After the end of the Cold War, the powerful institutions that were built during this time were retooled for the War on Terror and were slowly weaponized against the American people. Anti-populist, anti-nationalist neoconservatism with its liberal social values ruled America during the latter half of the 20th Century. During Trump’s first term, prominent Neoconservatives began the “Never-Trump” movement and many switched political parties. Neoconservatism is the predominant political school of the Texas political establishment, it has inspired much of the RPT platform, and it is important for activists to recognize and discern the difference between real conservatism and neoconservatism.

TRACK THREE:  Digging Deeper
– We’re not done yet!  If we’re going to push that Overton Window further to the right, we’ve got a lot more work to do!  But work is play at True Texas Project.  These speakers will have you mesmerized and motivated.  Don’t take our word for it…  Come see for yourself!

  • Gambling On Texas with Jonathan Krutz and Russell Coleman – Take a look at the top donors for most of the Texas legislature, and you’ll find Las Vegas Sands.  Now why would a gambling corporation be greasing the palms of politicians?  You and I both know it only means one thing:  bought votes.  We  need to prepare ourselves NOW with the truth about gambling.  Some of you may be thinking, “I like to gamble.  Let’s go!”  or “Why do we let Oklahoma & Louisiana have all the money?”  You might be surprised at the facts and stats that do not lie:  gambling has no place in Texas.
  • Louie Gohmert – topic pending
  • Tired of Losing? Introducing the New Right with C.Jay Engel – The New Right is an ascendant movement that recognizes what can be construed as a total failure of modern conservatism to arrest the advance of the left and protect culture. It is post-liberal (assumes there is no neutrality) and understands it needs its own institutions to project power to fight the left. It believes in all the things of the Old Right like order and hierarchy but realizes the old liberal institutions have been weaponized against the right. Post War “normie-conservatives” believe in a bottom-up, hearts-first transformation of culture through individual conversion via the Gospel; New Right sees the necessity of a norming-influence of law on the broader culture and the top-down approach to reforming norms and ethics. In short, it’s a Right that’s tired of losing and has a proven winning plan.
  • No Enemies On The Right with Cjay Engel – In order to move the Overton Window further right, we must work together to fight the Left. It’s a simple and obvious statement, but it’s apparently much harder to carry out. When the Left is committed to total political war, No Enemies On The Right is a non-negotiable operating principle. Activists can expect to learn that there are alternatives to perpetual defeat.  Winning the battle of the Overton Window is actually possible…and it’s already happening!
  • What Is Real Conservatism? with Paul Gottfried – What is often understood as modern conservatism is little more than a set of incoherent policy propositions that never challenge the prevailing liberal politics. Real conservatism seeks to protect a people and their traditions first and foremost while rejecting ideology as an ordering principal. Authentic conservatism recognizes the differences between men and women and the necessity of sex roles in family formation and culture propagation. Authentic Conservatism rejects highly centralized, statist mass democracy and recognizes that in order to protect liberty, social hierarchy is essential. In a world where every Texas politician claims to be conservative, giving activists tools to discern between real historic conservatism and the fake conservatism that never conserves anything is important.

Speaker Bios:
We don’t waste time on feel-good speakers and smooth politicians.  We are bringing you top-notch experts sure to make you think!  Are we not here for such a time as this?

  • Todd Bensman – Todd Bensman is a Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society. Bensman provides expertise to American policy leaders, major media outlets, and the general public regarding the nexus between national security and immigration. For nearly a decade Bensman led counterterrorism intelligence operations for the Texas DPS’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division. While there, he managed a large team of intelligence analysts that worked in close concert with federal homeland security and U.S. Intelligence Community agencies. He created and implemented unique collection programs while working to identify and mitigate terrorism threats throughout the region and the United States. Prior to this, Bensman served for more than 20 years as a journalist covering national security after 9/11, working from more than 25 countries and earning multiple awards and recognition. In the 1990s, he reported on the Gulf War and in Bosnia, where he provided frequent dispatches from the siege of Sarajevo.
  • Ammon Blair – Ammon Blair is a Senior Fellow for the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s ‘Secure & Sovereign Texas’ Initiative, where he advocates for effective border security and immigration policies that protect the sovereignty and safety of Texas and the nation. He is also a Consultant for Omni Intelligence, a private company that provides intelligence and analytics services to government agencies and media about transnational and domestic threats to Texas and the U.S. Ammon has over 10 years of experience as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, serving in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, one of the busiest and most challenging areas of the southwest border. He has firsthand knowledge of the operational and strategic challenges faced by the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies in securing the border and enforcing immigration laws. Ammon is also a 20 plus year Army Veteran, both as an enlisted soldier and as a commissioned officer. He has served in various leadership and staff positions, including as an Infantry Platoon Leader on Operation Lone Star, a joint military and law enforcement operation to enhance border security and public safety in Texas.
  • Massey Campos – Massey Campos is a first-generation American and 3rd generation preacher. Both his parents immigrated to America as young adults in order to pursue the American dream. Massey, along with his two brothers and one sister, grew up traveling as a family, as their father was an evangelist.  While still in his teens, Massey began preaching to congregations the unsearchable riches found in Christ. Then in 2001, he began speaking to audiences around the country in high schools, colleges, churches, and much more. Massey’s constant desire and passion is to see Americans, both young and old alike, understand the Biblical heritage of this great nation and bring America back to the God who gave us this liberty. Massey is a husband, father of three boys, and is Assistant Pastor at Revive Church in Stuart, FL. He and his family currently reside in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.
  • Jonathan Krutz/Russell Coleman – Jonathan Krutz is the Chair and Russel Coleman is the Vice Chair at the Stop Predatory Gambling Association. At SPGA, members work to reveal the truth behind commercialized gambling operators to prevent more victims. A 501c3 non-profit based in Washington, DC, it is a national advocacy network of individuals and partner groups with members in all 50 states. Citizens of all political stripes and life circumstances, from every corner of the country, work side-by-side.  Their funding comes from concerned citizens as well as people with the lived experience of predatory gambling from across the entire United States; gifts from a few smaller foundations; and support from members belonging to every major faith group in the country. They don’t accept funding from commercialized gambling interests.
  • C.Jay Engel – C. Jay lives in California with his wife and four children. He runs a small manufacturing business and hosts the Chronicles Magazine Podcast. He spends his free time reading, writing, and engaging in social media polemics. He is a defender and fierce advocate of
    Heritage America.
  • Louie Gohmert – Attorney, politician, and former judge, Louie was born in Pittsburg, Texas. He served as U.S. Representative from 2005 to 2023. Throughout his tenure in Congress, Gohmert consistently championed limited government, individual freedoms, and a strict adherence to the Constitution. Gohmert was an influential figure in the Tea Party movement, which solidified his reputation as a staunch advocate for conservative ideals. Gohmert’s experience on the bench provided him a unique perspective on the legal system, which he brought to his legislative work as he upheld the rule of law and protected the rights of American citizens. Gohmert engaged in spirited debates, introduced legislation reflecting his conservative principles, and tirelessly represented the interests of his constituents. Today, his contributions to the political arena continue to shape discourse and direction.
  • Paul Gottfried – Dr. Paul Gottfried is an American political theorist and intellectual historian. He is the former Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, a 1984 Guggenheim recipient, and the editor in chief of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. Dr. Gottfried is the author of 12 books on politics and culture and the editor of two anthologies of paleoconservative authors.
  • Don Huffines – Former Texas State Senator Donald B. Huffines is a strong Christian, proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made businessman.  Don Huffines fought fearlessly for fiscal restraint and government accountability in the Texas State Senate while representing Dallas County. During his time in the Senate, Senator Huffines served as the Vice-Chairman of the Border Security Committee. Huffines also earned a reputation as one of Texas’s most conservative lawmakers. Don Huffines now serves as President of the Huffines Liberty Foundation and leads the Texas first movement by promoting the values we all cherish that make Texas great.
  • Andrew Isker – Andrew Isker is the pastor of 4th Street Evangelical Church in Waseca, MN. He is a graduate of Minnesota State University and Greyfriars Hall Ministerial Training School in Moscow, Idaho. He has served churches in Missouri, West Virginia, and Minnesota. He is the author of “Christian Nationalism” as well as, “The Boniface Option: A Strategy For Christian Counteroffensive in a Post-Christian Nation.” Andrew, his wife Kara, and their five children reside in his hometown of Waseca, MN.
  • Wade Miller – Wade Miller is a combat veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an infantryman. He has spent more than a decade working with the conservative grassroots movement, campaigns, public policy development in Washington, and on Capitol Hill. After deploying into combat theatres three times in Iraq and the Horn of Africa, Wade became involved in the Tea Party movement at home. Wade brought his understanding of the conservative grassroots to Heritage Action for America, working as a Senior Regional Coordinator. Wade also served as Political Director for Senator Ted Cruz during the 2018 Senate campaign cycle. Most recently, he served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Chip Roy. Wade lives in Virginia with his family. He is a graduate of University of Texas at Dallas.
  • Stephen Wolfe – Dr. Stephen Wolfe is the author of The Case for Christian Nationalism. He is a postdoctoral fellow in the James Madison Program at Princeton University. He completed his PhD in political philosophy at LSU in 2020. He has several years of teaching experience,
    including online teaching, and has published several academic articles. He was born and raised in Napa, California, and currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and four children.


Tickets are non-refundable.  If you find you have tickets you cannot use, please give them away!  You may also ask us to help you find someone to donate them to.  Email [email protected].