Lone Star Agenda

July 23, 2019

Have you ever tried to get unity out of a large group of opinionated people – I mean, large like “State of Texas” large? It ain’t easy. Man, the bickering among conservative grassroots folks is embarrassing. That being true, the Lone Star Agenda should raise your eyebrows, put a smile on your face, and build hope in your heart. 

Literally 100s of conservative leaders – and I’m talking tea party leaders, Republican club leaders, SREC members, precinct chairs, libertarian-leaning leaders, and even the big money donors — have agreed unanimously on a plan to save Texas. Unanimously! WOW!!!

If there is ONE thing that will keep Texas red, it is unity.

It started with a handful of us meeting together to discuss the purple session. We did not see a plan in place by “the Big 3” to protect our state, so we identified items that urgently must be addressed to keep Texas from turning full-on blue. Then we pulled in a few more leaders to get their opinions, and then a whole bunch more. Lo and behold, everyone agreed! We love Texas, and we want to stay true to her!

Unity is a beautiful thing!

You’ll see a lot more about this in the coming weeks, but for now, look through this list of urgent priorities we agreed on. My favorites are election reform, border security and ending direct union dues withholding from paychecks because those are the 3 that will help the most to keep us red.

I know it’s really, really hard to choose, but what are your top 3?

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For Texas,
Julie McCarty
NETTP President