June 26, 2021
9am - 11am
Mercury One Studios
6301 Riverside Drive
Irving, TX

What People are saying about True Texas Project

This graphic depicts some of the things that people have been saying about True Texas Project.  Ever wonder why they’re saying these things?  It’s because we don’t just gripe and whine about government – we do something about it!  One of those things we do is get involved with government at every level.  We educate and motivate our people to take action!

Our TTP Liaison program assigns a volunteer Liaison to every elected person or group in our regions. The Liaison’s job is to establish a relationship, keep lines of communication open, and be the eyes and ears for the rest of that group with that elected individual or group.  We cover every level of government from national to local.

On June 26 TTP will offer our first ever Liaison Training Workshop.  The program will include featured guest speaker, Tim O’Hare.  Tim is former Mayor of Farmer’s Branch, Former Chair of the Tarrant County GOP, current candidate for the office of Judge of the Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court, and current local activist with the Carroll ISD.  Tim has a wealth of experience in political activism as well as being a former and future elected representative himself.  Tim’s background and experience will provide valuable insight into best practices for TTP Liaisons and best methods for communicating and being effective with elected representatives.

The program will conclude with a panel discussion with former or current representatives from every level of government.  Tim O’Hare will moderate the panel, and take questions from the audience.  Panel members include representatives from city, county, and school boards as well as state representatives and state senators.

Participation in the Liaison Training Workshop is free, but it does require registration.  Space is limited, so we need everyone to register.

  Click here to reserve your spot at this important workshop for budding activists.  Current Liaisons are invited as well as anyone interested in joining our Liaison program.