November 14, 2020
12pm - Nov/15 3pm

It is always great to be with like-minded friends, but lately it’s just even better, isn’t it? If you want to experience more of that, join in one of the Stop The Steal rallies going on this weekend. There is NOTHING like it!

The big one is in McKinney on Sunday at 3pm.  No guarantee but there’s talk of getting Charlie Kirk there.  So far about 2,000 people have said they’re attending.  It is being put on by Shelley Luther, the gal that was put in jail for opening her hair salon.  She’s in a runoff now for Texas State Senator!

If McKinney is too far, or if you want to do both, consider going to the one in Ft Worth on Saturday at noon, or to the one in Dallas on Saturday at 2pm.

Honestly, I urge you to go to as many as you can.  The large numbers encourage others, encourage you, and show the nation that we are not backing down.  The media is desperately trying to convey hopelessness.  We are defying that.