September 11, 2021
8am - 12pm
Denton County Elections Administration
701 Kimberly Dr. a101
Denton, TX

True Texas Project is excited to be hosting Mark Coppock as he conducts a four hour course on our Constitution, using the We the People Handbook, by Bob Hilliard.

“Why Study Our Constitution? Your future depends on it. Your freedom to exercise your natural rights depends on it. The Constitution is the rule book that we created for the federal government. It is our permission slip for our central government to exist and function. It is not a rule book for the states or the people.”

True Texas Project
Speaker: Mark Coppock
Date: Saturday, September 11
Time: 8am-12pm

Location: Denton County Elections Administration,
701 Kimberly Dr. a101 Denton, TX 76208

To purchase your tickets to this course please follow this link:
*Scholarships are available upon request if you are unable to cover admission costs. Please email [email protected] with your inquiries.*


A four-hour class, $30 ($5 for each additional family member if they share a book and materials), covering key topics in the Constitution and founding documents. There are four 45-min video/discussion sessions with breaks/snacks in between.  This is an easy way to learn about an important subject, and it will earn a stamp in your Liberty Passport as one of five classes in the True Texan Certification program of True Texas Project!