November 8, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Hilton Garden Inn - College Station
3081 University Dr. E
Bryan TX

Join True Texas Project in welcoming a panel of legislative experts this fall as we prepare for the 88th Legislative Session in Texas! We will take a look at the Republican Party of Texas’ platform and planks, elected representatives to support and/or watch out for, and finally, the bills being put forward that we need to be aware of. Come and hear from MassResistance, Texas Right to Life, Texans for Vaccine Choice, and Texas Gun Rights and see what you need to put on your radar for the next session!

True Texas Project
Panelists: Tracy Shannon (MR), Ashley Leenerts (TRTL),
Angie Lemmons (TFVC), and Bethany Young (TXGR)
Date: Tuesday, November 8th
Location: Hilton Garden Inn – College Station
3081 University Dr. E Bryan, TX
5:30pm – Prayer meeting
5:45pm – $5 pizza (while supplies last)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs


About Tracy Shannon:

Tracy Shannon is the mother of 4 blessings and a grandmother. She has studied what she calls the “neo-morality movement” for 20 years. Tracy’s family was profoundly impacted by the transgender movement many years ago, and that moved Tracy from the sidelines (merely protecting her own children from being inducted into “new” sexual mores) and onto the battlefront in the culture wars.

Tracy has taken on Drag Queen Story Hours in Texas and across the country. She exposed how libraries determined to introduce children to adult entertainers and transsexuals disregarded their own policies allowing sex offenders to be held out as role models to young children in taxpayer-funded public libraries. As the Texas Director for MassResistance, Tracy led Texas parents in pushing back against the debauched drag queen program for children as young as four. She has also contributed to research of the programs across the nation and helped parents in several states push back against this programming. Tracy has studied the trajectory of the transgender movement and transgender medicine for 20 years.  She has observed a rise in children transitioning and a relaxing of the already loose and unsound “standards’ in transgender medicine.  Tracy says, “The origins of sex change started with unethical research on children decades ago and has come full circle to the unethical treatment of minors with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.”  Tracy had been a guest on American Family Radio and conservative media where she discusses the need for safeguarding children and the latest threats to traditional family values.  Her personal experiences with the transgender issue as well as her investigative work has been published in conservative and Christian publications in the United States as well as abroad.

About Ashley Leenerts:

Ashley Leenerts grew up believing that all life was sacred, but after graduating college in 2019 she became increasingly aware of the enormous injustice preborn babies and pregnant women in our nation face. The real eye opening moment for her was when one of her little sisters faced an unexpected pregnancy. She was out of touch with our family, but needed tangible assistance, and our local pregnancy resource center was there for her and my sweet nephew. She has no doubt the center’s support is one of the main reasons her sister chose Life. After this experience Ashley began volunteering at her local pregnancy resource center and wanted to make her life’s work standing for innocent human Life, as this center’s volunteers had for her nephew and sister. In the fall of 2020 Ashley joined Texas Right to Life as a legislative associate and has since been serving with the legislative team to advocate for impactful life-saving legislation at the Texas capitol and across the state through the Sanctuary City for the Unborn movement.

About Angie Lemmons:

A passionate advocate for medical freedom, Angie believes strongly that each person must take an active role in their own health.  In her youth she learned that standard medical protocol is not always the right path when a prescribed medicine caused her to have a debilitating condition lasting several years.  Many hours of research opened her eyes to the risks of vaccines, and she became a staunch believer in true informed consent.  Angie began volunteering with TFVC in 2018, coordinating the creation of new printed materials to provide vaccine facts to the public.  She also volunteered as an Outreach Coordinator and currently serves on the TFVC Board of Directors.  Angie is dedicated to informing Texas citizens, especially new moms, about vaccine choice and health freedom.  She and her husband Billy live in the San Antonio area and have three daughters.


About Bethany Young:

After working for conservative causes in D.C., Bethany Young moved to Texas to fight the swamp monsters in Austin.
After joining TXGR as Legislative Director in 2020, Bethany has been working in the trenches of the Texas Capitol fighting to defend and restore every law-abiding Texans’ right to keep and bear arms.
Notably, Bethany was instrumental in mobilizing TXGR members and supporters from across the state to ensure the passage of Constitutional Carry in 2021.
Bethany lives in Kyle, Texas with her husband Barrett and their dogs Saxon and Thatcher and cats Cersei and Maddox.
Bethany’s favorite firearms are the Barrett M107 .50 caliber rifle and her Colt Python