November 16, 2021
6:30pm - 8pm
Meeting Hall
502 Carlisle Dr
Lake Dallas, TX 75065

Our guest speaker, Jonathon Dunne, is here from Ireland to remind Americans that our nation did not become exceptional by chance or by accident. It happened because pilgrims risked everything to escape a tyrannical king. Then, 156 years later, our founders risked everything to declare our independence from England, but more importantly to redefine man’s relationship with man, and man’s relationship with the government. Now, 240 years later, America and the world need to be reminded of those inclusive principles, as the lines between man and government have become extremely blurred.  Jonathon’s presentation will make a case for these principles and highlight how they are different from ideologies like socialism and places like Europe.  His mission is to remind every American we are better than our government and that de Tocqueville sentiments were correct.

We are also hosting Keenan Williams, who’s redeeming story of how he went from prison to a successful entrepreneur is sure to inspire you!

True Texas Project
Speaker: Jonathon Dunne
Secondary Speaker: Keenan Williams
Tuesday, November 16
Location: Meeting Hall 502 Carlisle Dr. Lake Dallas Texas 75065
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)

6:30-8:00pm – meeting
All patriots are welcome. Come as you are!
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“I’m American”

The right to say these powerful words are reserved for citizens by birth or by oath.

To others, they are a DREAM… a MISSION…. a CALLING as they wait in the country of their birth, yearning for an opportunity to catch up with heart & soul that already bleed for the stars & stripes.

Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman, and he visited Florida as a young boy in the early ’90s. It was love at first sight. He fell for the beautiful weather and unique sports culture, different cuisines, and women with stunning accents.

With the help of the internet, Jonathon sought out every bit of information on his beloved America. There he came across America’s founding documents, and since then, his mind has been captivated by the IDEA of America and God-given unalienable rights.

For the last 17 years, he has sought out opportunities to live in America legally. His dream nearly became a reality in 2017 when Glenn Beck offered him a position, but he failed to meet a work visa criteria.

Despite the pain and countless setbacks endured, Jonathon remains loyal to America. He works hard to promote limited government, individual freedoms, and free markets because they are the only kryptonite to the tyranny of socialism and extensive government control.

Jonathon Dunne is a keynote speaker, weekly podcast host on Blaze Media, and published author on major platforms such as The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Libertarian Republic, Western Journalism, and Constitution. Since 2012, he has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism.

About Keenan Williams:

Keenan Williams went from being a homeless, ex-felon who was addicted to drugs, to a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and Strategic Initiative Director for the Trump Campaign 2020.

At 25 he was sentenced to prison for six years for a multitude of crimes ranging from aggravated robbery and assault to terroristic threats and drug charges.

After four years of angry and violent behavior in prison, Keenan took control of his life and decided that he was not the man he wanted to be. Through a newly found meaning in religion, he vowed to turn his life around. For the last two years of his incarceration he devoted himself to self-education, reading more than two hundred books on the topics of etiquette, integrity, parenting, ethics, business and career success. He focused on becoming mentally, spiritually and physically strong. He began taking college classes in prison and earned a degree in air-conditioning and refrigeration—an accomplishment that would provide credentials for employment after his release.

Fifteen years later, Keenan is an entrepreneur and well-respected motivational speaker, sharing his inspirational story and bringing encouragement to those who’ve lost hope on both national and local televisionand radio. Through the account of his life, Keenan helps others find their own path and purpose and look beyond their current existence and create a future of courage, optimism and promise.