May 17, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Administrative Courthouse
1 Courthouse Dr.
Denton, TX

Southern History and the Civil War can be confusing topics if you’re taught in government-controlled, politically correct schools.  What’s the real story?  Can we take pride in our roots?  Are there regrets to be had?  Come hear from an expert with a passion for storytelling and a talent for the banjo!  Our speaker focuses on the true sentiments of a Southern family.  Invite your kids!

We will also be hearing from Chandler Crouch about the property tax issues that we face, and the protest deadline that is coming up shortly. Come and educate yourself on these topics, then go share what you’ve learned with your friends. Better yet…bring your friends along!

True Texas Project
Speakers: Curt Locklear & Chandler Crouch
Tuesday, May 17
Location: Administrative Courthouse Building
1 Courthouse Dr. Denton, TX
5:30- prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45- $5 dinner while supplies last
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.


About Curt Locklear:

Curt Locklear

Curt Locklear is an award-winning author, historian, teacher, education consultant, and public speaker. He has presented talks from Texas to Louisiana to Mississippi to Georgia to Minnesota to Maryland. He generally plays his guitar and banjo at his speaking engagements and enlivens the presentation with songs, stories and jokes.
His banjo picking is featured at the beginning of the hit Texas PBS TV show, “The Daytripper.” He is a historian of elements of the Civil War west of the Mississippi – the Trans-Mississippi. He has presented to thousands.

He is related to the first wing-walker, Ormer Locklear. His father, Jack Locklear, trained a horse in the Kentucky Derby. His mother was a librarian. His heritage is Southern and Northern. Curt grew up in Brady, Texas, and in Austin, and now lives in The Woodlands, Texas.

As a youngster, he helped his father, who trained thoroughbred racehorses. Curt mucked horse stalls, loaded and unloaded hay bales, fed and hot walked the horses, herded cattle and raised sheep. He plucked chickens and stretched barbed wire fence. He rode his bike to school, played trombone in the Jr. High band, played Little League
baseball and spent a lot of time playing scrub football and Civil War battles with toy soldiers.

After growing up, he got his Bachelor’s Degree in English and History and was a teacher and a coach in Texas. Later, he obtained his Master’s Degree and became a principal in school districts around Austin. He taught, at one time or another, grades four through twelve, directed one-act plays and UIL literary events, and taught chess to students every year he was a principal.

He has won short story awards, and his two published novels are rated 5 Stars – highest rating. ASUNDER, A NOVEL OF THE CIVIL WAR and SPLINTERED (ASUNDER 2) which took first place in the 2018 International Laramie Awards. The just-released third novel, RECONCILED has been hailed as a masterpiece of storytelling. Watch the exciting book trailers and other videos on his website and subscribe via email for the newsletter for updates, amazing stories and facts, contests and more.

About Chandler Crouch:

Coined a one-man army for taxpayers by the Texas Scorecard, real estate broker Chandler Crouch is the billowing voice of exasperated homeowners fed up with the steep rise of property taxes across North Texas. 

What started in 2017 as a helping hand to protest for a few neighbors has evolved into a mission to fix the state’s broken tax system while in the meantime protesting for over 20,000 homeowners each year as Tarrant County’s #1 Property Tax Consultant (all pro bono). As the number of people he helped grew, so did his understanding of the problems that threaten the homeowners’ financial stability. Texas Rep. Matt Krause took notice of Chandler’s movement and sought his expertise to pass statewide policy. Closer to home, Chandler has rallied taxpayers to dig into the activities of elected officials and inner workings of the appraisal district. 

With 20 years in the real estate industry, Chandler measures his success by the impact his team of expert Realtors make in the lives of their clients and community they serve. Chandler Crouch Realtors has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal’s list of “Top 200 Agents in America.”

Crouch and his wife Meghan live in Fort Worth with their three children. He loves running, hunting, audiobooks, and Joe T Garcias.