May 10, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Arena of Life Church
8827 Fm to mkt Rd 1541
Amarillo TX

True Texas Project – Randall/Potter county has a great double-header this month! We will be hosting Kirk Launius, a Texas Peace Officer and entrepreneur to speak to us on the important role that constitutional sheriffs can play in a community. Their responsibility and authority go much further than simple PD issues, and Kirk is here to tell us how. We will also be hosting Cole Stanley, the only city council member to have voted against the property tax increase in Amarillo. He will be giving a detailed update on the Amarillo city council meetings, and what everyone should be aware of in the upcoming seasons. We are excited to learn and grow from this meeting, and we hope to see you there!

True Texas Project
Speakers: Kirk Launius & Cole Stanley
Tuesday, May 10
Location: Arena of Life Church (Gritt Building)
8827 Fm to Mkt Rd. 1541 Amarillo, TX 79118

All patriots are welcome. No RSVP Needed.


About Kirk Launius:

Kirk Launius is a licensed Texas Peace Officer, former Dallas Police Officer, United States Navy Veteran, and an entrepreneur in the insurance, telecom, energy, security, and transportation industries.  He holds a degree in economics from the University of Texas at Austin and was the Republican candidate for Dallas County Sheriff in 2012 and 2016.  He was endorsed by “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio and the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association ( Sheriff Richard Mack.  Mr. Launius is a plaintiff in two election lawsuits which are cases of first impression.  One case is at The Supreme Court of Texas and the other is at the Dallas Court of Appeals.  These cases will ensure honest and legal elections in Texas.  Elected county sheriffs across the country are making news because they are investigating election fraud and other crimes which threaten our constitutional republic.  Kirk teaches, consults, and empowers people around the state and country on the role and importance of the constitutional sheriff.  It is vitally important that we as citizens know and understand the powers and limitations of our county sheriffs, deputies, police chiefs, police officers, constables, and other peace officers according to the Constitution.  Police academies and law schools are woefully deficient in teaching the Constitution, but there is hope that we can “turn this ship around.”  Kirk Launius looks forward to showing YOU how to participate in educating our nation’s peace officers on our Constitution, holding them accountable to the oath, and inspiring our sheriffs and peace officers to always “secure the Blessings of Liberty.”

About Cole Stanley:

Cole Stanley isn’t a politician. Instead, he is a problem solver who believes you need to roll up your sleeves and show up when people need you. Cole is a proven leader who has dedicated more than 20 years of serving people in our community. An entrepreneur and business leader, Cole is an experienced mediator and problem solver. As Amarillo business owners face uncertainty, he brings a lifetime of experience from building successful businesses and making payroll.
Cole was born and raised in Amarillo and has been in business as a commercial/residential builder since 1999. He serves on the Arrow Child and Family Ministries board of directors and is a founding member of Arrow Health Solutions. Cole and his family are longtime members at Trinity Fellowship Church. Cole has a heart for mentoring business owners. He has dedicated his life to encourage and foster small businesses through mentoring and has helped start nearly 30 small businesses in Amarillo, nearly all of whom are still operating today. “Above all else, I believe that access to opportunity should be across Amarillo and not limited by education, status, or zip code.”