August 11, 2020
6:30pm - 8pm
Castle Hills HOA
2501 Queen Margaret Drive
Lewisville TX

Let’s face it… things in America are not what they used to be.  With riots and chaos, you are never sure what to expect, and that can be downright scary — even in suburbia.  Alleviate some of those fears by being aware of your surroundings and knowing in advance what your options are.  Both of our speakers can help you navigate that.

Here’s a blurb from something our main speaker wrote on his blog.  It might intrigue you!

Chances are good that you and I have a lot in common.  We’re both concerned about the future of this country. Natural disasters, a financial crisis, economic decline, disruption to the power grid, a pandemic, political violence, a full-on Boogaloo… the list goes on and on.  From a risk and intelligence perspective, all of these are very valid concerns.  Americans purchase and acquire a lot of things in order to prepare for these events, but information is often overlooked as a critical component of preparedness.  I’m here right now to convince you of one thing: the absolute need for localized intelligence when any of these events occur.  The stuff you own isn’t going to produce intelligence for you.  No amount of beans, bullets, and band-aids will allow you to collect real-time intelligence during an emergency.  No amount of beans, bullets, and band-aids will reduce your uncertainty about what happens in the future.  No amount of beans, bullets, and band-aids can drive your decision-making during an emergency.  Only intelligence can do that.  Only intelligence can give you a more accurate picture of what’s happening now and a more accurate expectation of what could happen in the future.  And when we have accurate expectations of the future, we can be better prepared.  So what’s the best way to get started with local intelligence?  The Area Study. 

Read the rest of this blog post here, and listen to our speaker in person at our August meetings in Tarrant and Denton Counties!

True Texas Project
Speaker: Samuel Culper of Forward Observer
Secondary Speaker: Robert Beverly
Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020
Castle Hills Community Center – 2501 Queen Margaret Drive, Lewisville
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45pm – $5 dinner opens (first come, first served)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
All patriots are welcome. Come as you are!
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.
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About Samuel Culper:

Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. With over a decade of intelligence experience, including three years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s now the CEO of Forward Observer, an intelligence services company specializing in risk intelligence and conflict monitoring. Samuel is also the principal for the Fox
Intelligence Group, an intelligence training company.

About Robert Beverly:

Growing up in Texas, Robert Beverly has always exhibited a true Texan’s desire to put his country first, bringing his impressive creativity and technical skills to bear in his work. 

Robert served his country in the US Air Force. After his discharge in the ’80’s, he moved to Arlington and pursued a degree in engineering from UTA. Upon completion of his studies, he formed a design/development company, Intaglio Composites. His body of work focuses on blending imagination and creativity with his strong background in material science and technology; work that has earned him accolades both nationally and internationally. His creations exhibit a mastery of traditional techniques that date back to the Dark Ages, as well bringing to bear new processes he’s developed in photoengraved aluminum, glass and concrete products.

Alongside his professional career Robert has long been concerned about the political discourse in the nation. His service and professional experience coupled with his desire to do his part to keep our country strong and protect our fundamental freedoms and liberties. 

After witnessing firsthand some of the excesses a government unfettered by the rule of law can bring, Robert began to study Constitutional law, and forge an understanding of the proper role every citizen should take to defend this nation from all enemies, both abroad and domestic. He studied ways that the average citizen can defend themselves and found an unmet need for an organization that can bridge the gap between private citizens and public safety.

Beverly then created the first ever, not-for-profit security company: Texas Defense Force Security, Inc., that provides training and certification to individuals, to not only help them better serve their community and state, but to give them the tools and legal standing to operate as licensed security professionals on a volunteer basis. TXDF is the first organization of its kind, and offers a way for private citizens to prepare for emergencies in the current uncertain socio-political climate, and provides the skills and tools needed to defend Texas and Texans from those who would do us harm. TXDF today has 75 licensed officers and is growing exponentially. Robert’s idea has grown into a serious organization, authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety, ready, willing and able to assist in the defense and protection of Texas.