Municipal and School Board Races
Early Voting:  April 25 – May 3
Election Day:  May 7

All local election ballots will include two statewide propositions for Constitutional Amendments. We recommend yes to both. They both will reduce property tax.

NOTE:  It is especially true in local races that MOST of the time we are voting on the lesser of 2 evils.  This is why we repeat over and over that these are NOT endorsements.  It is very rare for us to endorse, and we will state that we have when applicable. Until good people step up to run, sadly this is what we are generally forced to do.

It is also important to note that this list is just provided as a starting point for your own research.  If you do not agree with these choices, no worries. You don’t need to harass us and demand we take it down.  Many times we just try to find a trusted activist in the area to indicate how to vote.  There is much work to be done on teaching people how to vet candidates.

Municipal & County Races (scroll down for ISD races):

Balch Springs: PL 2 Angela Singletary (endorsed)
Carrollton: Mayor Steve Babcock; PL 1 Christopher Axberbg; PL 3 Daisy Palomo
Cedar Hill: no responses yet
Coppell: no city council election
Dallas:  no city council election
Desoto: No response or unsatisfactory response
Duncanville: Erika Browning for Mayor
Farmers Branch: Jackson
Garland: Dehn or Kimble, plus Morris
Grand Prairie: Mayor Ron Jensen (only due to the profane response from the other candidate)
Hutchins:  no response
Irving: PL 1 John Bloch, PL 7 Bryan Jones
Lancaster: no election
Mesquite: no election
Ovilla: PL 1 Brandon Collett
Rowlet:  Mayor: Joel Medina; PL 4 Mike Britton; PL 6 Deb Shinder
Sachse: PL 5 Spencer Hauenstein
Seagoville: no responses
Sunnyvale: no responses
Wilmer: No responses
Wylie: no competition

School Board Elections:
Carrollton/Farmers Branch (pick 3):  Randy Schackmann (give him 2 of your 3 votes); Tara Hrbacek (give her your 3rd vote)
Cedar Hill: no responses
Coppell: McGuire and Robinson
Dallas: no responses
Duncanville: Place 1 Tom Kennedy.  Wishy washy on CRT, but Culton is Democrat and pro CRT.
Garland: PL 1 Robert Duckworth
Grand Prairie:  Pl 7 Patty Harris
Highland Park: Spencer Siino and Tyler Beeson
Irving: Dist 5 Jim Scriver
Richardson ISD:  Clemens, Stell
Rockwall ISD:  Harvey, White
Other candidates unopposed