Citizens Win When They Show Up!

September 1, 2021

We frequently tell people in our True Texas Project workshops that half the battle is just showing up.  Now citizens all over Texas are proving that point, winning battles with local elected representatives and pushing back against what they perceive to be unreasonable and unconstitutional actions.

Whether it’s mask and vaccine mandates, excessive spending, indoctrination of school students, or school board elections, Texans are showing up, speaking up and WINNING!

TTP recently put out several alerts about school board meetings where mask mandates for students were being discussed.  Here are just a few districts where people showed up, spoke up, and won the day:

  • Arlington ISD
  • Abilene ISD
  • Northwest ISD
  • Southlake Carroll ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
  • McKinney ISD

At Grapevine Colleyville ISD, Led by TTP Liaison Larry Lehrmann, the citizens and parents recently raised concerns about one of the employees.  The problem started when it was revealed that a high school principal was openly promoting Critical Race Theory and BLM Marxist ideology.  Lots of accusations were thrown around, there was name calling and skirting/distracting from the actual issue.  The actual issue was indoctrination of the students by a high-level administrator.  Period.  So the citizens organized and protested.  The result – on Monday, in a board meeting with record citizen attendance and standing room only, the administrator was put on administrative leave by the board of trustees.  Citizens show up and win again!

Southlake Carroll ISD has also battled the CRT curriculum issues for over a year.  A group of Southlake families formed a PAC, and challenged the equity/inclusion policies that were being proposed.  SCISD citizens mobilized and defeated the Cultural Competency Action Plan last year.  Then they organized and worked for 2 conservative candidates who were elected by a landslide in the recent school board election.  Winning!

At Faith Christian Academy in Grapevine, a few months back, the board announced a new hire for the school.  The new hire was the VP of Academics, 2nd in command for the school administration.  A bit of research on the person hired revealed that she was a big supporter of BLM, and promoted actually teaching kids to be racist.  The alarm was sounded by our own Julie McCarty, parents mobilized and protested, and even though Faith tried to gloss over the problem and reassure people with platitudes, the pressure was strong enough that a few weeks after accepting the position, the administrator resigned.  Winning again!

Fort Worth ISD parents got together and filed a lawsuit against the district when the board defied the Governor’s Executive Order and issued a mask mandate for their students.  SREC District 10 representative and candidate for State Senate, Warren Norred, filed the suit, and obtained a restraining order to stop the illegal rule.  Hundreds of citizens also flooded the FWISD board meetings, demanding a freedom mask policy, as well as the resignation of Superintendent Scribner. The Superintendent has not resigned or been fired, but at the moment, FWISD students are NOT required to wear masks.

In Magnolia ISD, Ginger Russell, a grassroots activist, along with huge crowds of colleagues, are pushing back against the International Baccalaureate program in that district because it is tied to the UN, pushes the One-World and Global Citizen concepts, and is considered Marxist.  An article in the Golden Hammer describes the grassroots efforts: “What is clear is that, as Russell and her thousands of allies across Texas increase their influence, conservatives have become far more effective in their efforts to confront the liberal indoctrination of schoolchildren inside of Texas’ public schools.” (The Golden Hammer, Aug. 30, 2021)

School Board Electoral Wins: Several Texas school boards have seen conservatives defeat the liberals in recent elections.

  • Southlake Carroll ISD – in a landslide elects 2 strong conservative candidates to the board of trustees.   Hannah Smith and Cam Bryan have already had a positive impact on policy in CISD.
  • Grapevine Colleyville ISD – elected conservative candidate Shannon Braun, to their board of trustees in May.  That race went to a run off, where citizens mobilized to turn out 52% of the votes to Braun, and had 91% of the original voters returning to vote in the run off.
  • Keller ISD – Dr. Charles Randklev led a motivated team of citizens to defeat a liberal progressive candidate with 66% of the vote in a 3-way race.

Amarillo City Council tried to put one over on the voters by skirting the bond process with voter approval, to build an expensive new City Hall, using Certificates of Obligation.  But the savvy citizens of Amarillo were not having it!  Over the summer, they organized and mobilized enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot, and even initiated litigation against the City.  Tuesday, the City Council withdrew their intent to build the new City Hall without voter approval.

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn: Citizens all across the country have petitioned their City Councils (and WON!) to create Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.  Led by key grassroots leaders, like Mark Lee Dickson and Jim Baxa, the effort has now produced 36 cities in the US who have declared abortion in their cities to be illegal.  In spite of push back from groups like Planned Parenthood, the city ordinances have held up to judicial scrutiny.  Once again, citizens show up, speak up, and win!

What have you done lately to be involved with your government?  If you need help or encouragement, True Texas Project has classes, workshops, motivational speakers, and friends to join you in the fight.  When we say we’re “building an army”, we’re not kidding!  We face a constant battle against the forces of evil that invade our government entities, our schools and our families.  We need dedicated souls to show up.  And when we show up – we win.

One of the ways TTP mobilizes citizens to action is our Liaison program.  We assign volunteer Liaisons to as many elected representatives as possible.  The Liaisons maintain relationships and keep communications open between the TTP group and the elected person.  It has been the Liaisons that have raised the alarms and led the charge that we’ve talked about here.  We need lots of volunteers to fill all of these Liaison positions!  If you’re interested, contact your TTP County Co-Directors for more information.

If you are not already actively engaged in the governmental process, please connect with TTP or another group in your area that fills that need to come together as a community of like-minded people who want only to live their lives as free from government interference as possible, and make a better future for their families.  Together we can do this.  Actually – we already have!  (so let’s do it again!)