Response to Rep Capriglione

September 11, 2019

Representative Giovanni Capriglione from District 98 (Grapevine, Southlake, Keller, Colleyville and area) was recently appointed to the House Committee on Mass Violence Prevention.  This is the committee expected to push for red flag laws and universal background checks per the wishes of Gov Abbott and Lt Gov Dan Patrick.

When asked for his stance on both of those issues, Rep Capriglione would not answer. 

It is urgently important that voters let him know we expect him to uphold the 2nd Amendment!  Our rights are given to us by God as stated in the US Constitution.  To use the term “Constitutional Rights” is an error because the Constitution can be amended.  No, the rights in the Bill of Rights are special because they are “God-given rights.”  Unless you are God, it is not even an option for anyone to dictate that they be taken away. 

This letter below responding to Giovanni was shared with us, and we received permission to share it with you.  It has a little bit of spunk to it that you might appreciate!


“How to prevent mass shooting” is indeed a hot topic.  As always, the blame is put squarely on the availability of guns.  While it is correct without guns there won’t be mass shooting; however, it is an intellectually lazy solution.
Terrorist & criminals frankly do not care about gun laws.
Actually, if you can create a law to force the terrorists & criminals to obey the existing laws, that would be the solution to all these problems.
Suppose we magically did get rid of all guns from this earth, it still won’t resolve the criminal & terrorist’s mass murder or attempted murder such as the following examples:
Biochem agent attacks:
Mar 1995 – Sarin attack on Tokyo subway (
Sept 1984 – The followers of Rajneeshees mass poisoned the whole town of The Dalles, Oregon.(
Arson attacks:
Aug 28, 2019- 27 people were murdered in Mexico by cartel members. (
Jul 2019 – 33 people were murdered in Japan (
Vehicle attacks:
Aug 2017 – 1 people was murdered & dozens hurt in Charlottesville car attack
(  –  in majority of the case the “good guys” with guns stopped the attacks:
Jul 2016 – 86  people were murdered in Nice, France
Dec 2016 – 12  people were murdered in Berlin, German
Mar 2017 – 5  people were murdered in London UK
Apr 2017 – 3  people were murdered in Stockholm, Sweden
Jun 2017 – 9  people were murdered in London, UK in 2 separate incidents
Aug 2017 – 14 people were murdered Barcelona, Spain
Knife attacks:
Feb 2016 – 10 children were hurt in China (
Sept 2014 – 3 children were murdered in China (
Dec 2012 – 23 children were stabbed in China (
The list above is NOT by any means comprehensive.
I used the above example to show the fallacy of gun control.
Regardless of the tools; be it knives, cars, trucks, gasoline, anthrax or salmonella; Evil people will find ways to commit their evil deeds.
Now the argument is: we need to do something, because doing nothing is unacceptable.
I agree, so I propose: Let’s create a law to force the criminals to obey the existing gun laws.
Let’s be honest, there is nothing the human government can do to prevent any of that.
Unless of course if you want to turn all of us into the puppet of the government, and use “Minority Report” to prevent crimes before they were committed.
In another words, turning the government into gods with total control of the populace is the only way government can stop this.
On the second thought, isn’t it what USSR was founded on?  NVM it wouldn’t work either.
After years of pushing God out of the society, in favor of secularism and its relativity, we are wondering why we as the society are not valuing the sanctity of lives?
This is NOT guns issues, this is HEARTS issues.
Your physicians they will tell you, constantly feeding your body with junk foods will corrupt your body.
As such, we have been feeding our souls & minds on the “junk foods” of today modern entertainments.  And we are wondering why our heart is corrupted?
Suwandi Chandra