Op/Ed: Follow-Up To ‘Prepare To Be Intolerant’

February 3, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

I wrote to the patriots of Tarrant County this summer about a topic I deemed to be of great importance: the necessity to reject progressivism in its entirety. I fear that my message was not received, and if it was received it was not heard. If my message was heard, it was not believed, for we find ourselves losers again of a battle before the battle even began. This event was even more disappointing. Should I say nothing so as to not insult? Should we pretend this is fine, for fear of offending a few donors? Well, if no one will say it, then I will step up and say it.

What resulted from my call for intolerance to progressivism turned into more of the same – a tolerance and embracing of progressivism and an intolerance of anyone who dares even joke that perhaps these “values” as a whole are not just stupid but actually bad and subversive. The results were predictable, the left achieved total victory.

The Tarrant County Young Republicans and other Republicans went to downtown Fort Worth to pay homage to the founding father of progressive, postmodern America, Martin Luther King Jr. This was ostensibly to prove that they and their group aren’t “racist,” or intolerant, or whatever kind of look they were going for. I do believe these Young Republicans agree with a few lines from the speech King gave that one time about judging on the content of character; all decent people do.

This myth about King is prevalent in our country.  To counteract that, every year the voices from the right-wing of our party get louder stating that not only did King himself not believe in the kind of meritocracy conservatives champion, he supported affirmative action and racial preferences for blacks3, he was a prolific plagiarist, a serial adulterer with extremely questionable associates, and someone whose award-winning biographer, David Garrow, said is on classified FBI recordings making jokes while a woman is raped right in front of him. These kinds of rumors were even known about him at the time, but he’s given a pass because he advances an agenda that harms conservative Americans. Conservatives fixate on the phrase “content of character” and ignore everything else he did and stood for.

In the 1960’s, when the laws were being debated relating to Dr. King’s agenda in our country, many people said these movements were communist fronts and efforts to subvert our laws, degrade our culture and weaken our country. These people were mocked, dismissed. Yet we see in a similar way that people who predicted same-sex marriage would lead to sexualizing children were dismissed, and subsequently proven right; so have the critics of King’s vision been proven right. Dr. King was already aggressively moving forward with what later became known as affirmative action policies before he was murdered by an assassin.

Embracing the presuppositions and moral framework that Martin Luther King Jr. was a great American figure deserving of a federal holiday, on par with George Washington and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, inevitably leads us to 2020 where national anthem kneeling is common and your tax dollars are imminently paying for children to be sterilized with cross-sex hormones the next time the other party gains control of the government. Revenge politics, identity politics, societal and economic deconstriction… these are the manifestations of what he represented. The unquestioned embrace of what MLK represented has led us to a country where I go to my child’s school and there are books for K-3rd grade students that romanticize stories of how “actually, some people have two dads, and in a lot of ways it’s actually preferable to have two dads and not a mom and a dad.” This has led our country to a situation where someone who is exposed as “intolerant” has a hard time finding a job while people who support killing babies are often rewarded for publicly expressing such support. This is postmodernism explained, from the counter enlightenment to the destruction we see today of our families, our traditions, and our nations.

What I fear our County Republican Party and Young Republicans fail to comprehend is that you cannot embrace “some” of the left’s moral principles, “some” progressive principles, and then say “Yeah, but just these principles here, and that’s it!” Experience and failures tell us this does not work. I will say it again: these things must be rejected, and everything you believe must be able to be challenged, because we are losing right now, and have been losing for a long time. The reason is because we lose before the fight begins. The game is rigged. (It can be argued that it’s important to note the distinctions between terms like progressive, postmodernism, liberal, etc. but there is not space here for such nuance.)

So our people played the left’s game this MLK Jr. Day. They went to the parade, they held their signs, probably did the worn-out “Democrats are the real racists” bit because they agree with the morals of the left that being a “racist” is the worst thing you can be. And how did this turn out? Well, a 20-year-old (20-year-olds literally know nothing 99 times out of 100) did a thing with his hands. Where did this action of going downtown for a march showing respect to this sexually deviant, communist sympathizing, adulterer and rape joke artist get them? It got them an article written about them (currently going viral), smearing our young man, putting his name right next to mass murderers and social pariahs. Everyone he trusted threw him under the bus. This kid was their “activist of the year” and this is how they repaid him. The County Party Chairman effectively denied the kid’s alibi to the media, and issued an apology and condemnation of his actions, and reaffirmed the MLK myth just for good measure. I have to wonder if the Party Chairman would’ve come down so hard if the kid would’ve been out there blaspheming Jesus Christ or defending mothers killing their babies? The following quote illustrates why the local newspaper responded with such an over-the-top article to try and destroy this young man’s life.

Lighthearted dissent must be brutally crushed.

Whether or not you see it or want to believe it, embracing MLK as this postmodern Christ figure leads straight to drag queen story hour in your town library. In questioning this unquestionable myth, people will try and infer that I am promoting things that I am not. I am not saying we should bring back old laws or systems, or that some kind of antiquated racial system is desirable. It’s my experience that people wet themselves wishing to project these straw men onto people who make the criticisms I am making. These are interesting psychological triggers that happen to people on which I am not qualified to comment. But I believe it comes from questioning a foundational worldview held by the left and establishment right in America… a worldview not built upon a rock, but a worldview built upon the sandy foundation of an ongoing blood atonement started by MLK for what Thomas Sowell referred to as “cosmic justice.” What other message can be gathered by having Jesus Christ and MLK as the only men whose birthdays are labeled specifically for them as federal holidays?

I am not calling for any specific political action. This is not even about MLK or his Holiday. I am calling for the Republican Party and the men and women involved to re-examine themselves and their beliefs, and to ask themselves how they will effectively oppose the left if they agree with the left on so much? Conservatives, please ask yourselves why we keep losing ground and have been for decades now? It’s not progress or some social arc; the rules are designed for the left to win.  How long can we survive in such a fragile state that we are brought to heel, apologize, and condemn our own people because of a tweet from a food critic who reads antifa blogs and whining feminists on the internet. Is this what leadership looks like?

I am asking in the greatest sincerity for these kind of in-party attacks to cease. We have an unprecedented opportunity to grow our base of support as Democrats have totally abandoned American workers in favor of the super wealthy and super poor welfare class. We just aided and abetted the soft totalitarianism that keeps our activists afraid of getting involved, frustrates our base, demoralizes our leaders and keeps us from trying new ideas and tactics when we need all the help we can get.  If you don’t agree with something, don’t like the tone, or even vehemently disagree, perhaps the gentleman simply keeps it to himself.


Frederick Hambright
Frederick is a patriot and a 12th generation American.


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