September 13, 2021
6:30pm - 8pm
Grande Ballroom of the NRH Centre
6000 Hawk Ave
N Richland Hills

Faced with a relentless assault on free speech and a daily barrage of leftist propaganda, freedom-loving Americans are refusing to buy into the lies, and turning to new media.  But it will take a revolution of tough-minded patriots to turn the tide. Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, schools from universities on down and even the corporate world have bought into the cancel culture’s message that a racist America must be leveled and replaced with a top-down socialist government.
Our ruling elites aided and abetted the BLM/Antifa violence that struck dozens of cities in the wake of the George Floyd incident.  What should patriots do to stem this tide? Is it enough to build a Christian-based counter culture?
Author and veteran journalist Robert Knight will address these issues and more.

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Speaker: Robert Knight, Author and Veteran 
Monday, Sept 13
Location: Grande Ballroom of the NRH Centre
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45 – $5 pizza begins (while supplies last)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
All patriots are welcome. Come as you are!
Mask, or no mask. We don’t mind either way!
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         About Robert Knight  

Robert Knight is an author and regular weekly columnist for The Washington Times, OneNewsNow, and other outlets. 

A former Los Angeles Times news editor and writer, he was a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

He has been published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the Christian Post,,,, World and many others. He has appeared on nearly all major radio and TV news and talk programs, and on Christian media such as Focus on the Family, Point of View, Crosstalk and American Family Radio.

Robert was a journalist for 15 years, including seven at the Los Angeles Times. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Political Science from American University.

Mr. Knight, who is also a writer for the Timothy Plan, is a senior fellow for STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny).  He has held senior positions at the American Civil Rights Union, the Family Research Council, the Culture & Family Institute at Concerned Women for America, the Heritage Foundation, Coral Ridge Ministries, and the Media Research Center. He is on the Board of Reference for the Christian Film & Television Commission.

He wrote and directed the documentary videos “The Children of Table 34,” about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, and “Hidden Truth: What You Deserve to Know about Abortion.” 

His first book, “The Age of Consent,” was a Main Selection of the Conservative Book Club. He has written seven books, including “Liberty on the Brink” (2020) and “The Coming Communist Wave” (2020), and co-authored three others.

His email is [email protected]

To visit his blog or order books: