November 9, 2020
6:30pm - 8pm
Grande Ballroom of the NRH Centre
6000 Hawk Ave
N Richland Hills TX


As we continue our series on “Prepping For The Next Session” we are excited to bring in our friends at Empower Texans.  Indeed, our series would not be complete without them!  No other organization in the state does as much work for conservative causes in the Texas legislature than Empower Texans.  Though they are a favorite target of the media and Establishment politicians as the right-wing boogeyman, bought and paid for by that evil “West Texas Oil Money” (what would be wrong with that anyway???), grassroots activists respect and applaud their leadership and partnership.  Join us as we hear from several members of the Empower Texans team, including CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan, on their goals and plans for the 87th session.  We’ll hear from them on topics such as the speaker race, ending tax-payer-funded lobbying, ending automatic payroll deductions for union dues, activist training tips, various resources for news and session updates, and the importance of our unified efforts across the state!
True Texas Project
Speakers: Empower Texans Speakers
Monday, Nov 9th, 2020
6000 Hawk Ave, NRH
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
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About Empower Texans:

The greatest threat to our state’s economic growth and competitiveness is the weight of the government on the economy.

If government and taxes are allowed to grow without restraint, the economy will contract, thereby limiting opportunities for all Texans. We seek policy outcomes that provide increasing levels of economic liberty and opportunity for all Texans by controlling the size of government. Government power and reach must be strictly limited, with elected officials held accountable by active and informed citizens.

Formed in 2006, Empower Texans – and our premier project Texans for Fiscal Responsibility – provides Texans with news and information about the issues facing the Lone Star State. Texans must be informed about policy solutions consistent with the principles of individual liberty and free markets.

We have offices in Dallas, Houston, Midland, the Rio Grande Valley and Austin.