July 21, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
BlueBonnet BBQ
3921 US 287
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Wayne Christian is currently a Rail Road Commissioner for the state of Texas and is seeking re-election in the May 24th runoff. We are excited to hear him speak with us about his campaign and the issues he faces, as well as the oil and gas industry, which is a responsibility that lies within the Rail Road Commission. He will also touch on the comparison and contrast of oil and gas to green energy as well as what happened in last years winter storm. Come with your questions and your friends to hear from Commissioner Christian.

We will also be hearing from Brian Bledsoe, of Blexit Texas, to tell us about the organization and how we can ALL get involved.

True Texas Project
Speaker: Wayne Christian
Intro: Brian Bledsoe
Thursday, July 21
Location: BlueBonnet BBQ
3921 US-287 Waxahachie, TX
5:30- prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45- $5 dinner while supplies last
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.


About Wayne Christian:

A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected as our 50th Texas Railroad Commissioner in November 2016. Throughout his first term, Christian developed a strong record of fighting against frivolous regulations and standing strong for free markets and American Energy Dominance!

Since taking office, Commissioner Christian has been appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission as the Official Representative of Texas. Through this role, Christian has been a national leader on the forefront of fighting against Biden Administration efforts like the Green New Deal, CLEAN Future Act, and the Paris Climate Agreement.



About Brian Bledsoe:

After years of living in total indifference to world of politics, repenting and believing in Jesus Christ in 2007 radically changed Brian Bledsoe’s outlook on life. In 2008 Brian came to revelation that the principles of the Democratic party did not coincide with biblical principles. Since then he’s been involved politically whether it’s volunteering in various conservative organizations like Heritage Action and True Texas Project. He served as a national delegate at the 2016 and 2020 Republican Conventions. He has been a contributor at Politichicks.com, hosted a podcast called TrendChat where he talks about what’s trending whether in politics, entertainment, culture and gives a unique perspective from a Christian conservative point of view. Now Brian serves as Media Director for Blexit Texas where he hopes to guide and inform others that were just like me looking to navigate through possibly and unfortunately tense times, especially at the beginning of their political journey… their BLEXIT!
Growing up in a Christian household that promotes personal responsibility, and appreciation for the 2nd amendment it wasn’t until I got serious about my Christian faith where I realized that I can’t continue voting for a “progressive” ideology that was advocating for policies that are detrimental to the freedoms in this country.