Ready or Not – Here They Come!

Ready or Not – Here They Come!

March 19, 2021

Dallas, are you ready for 3000 illegal immigrant “children” in your community?  Well – ready or not – here they come!

Dallas City Council was given written notification of the plan to house as many as 3000 15- to 17-year-old boys at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center for up to 90 days on Monday.  It seems no one asked permission, the Biden Administration’s HHS Department just decided Dallas should be among the lucky recipients of these illegal immigrant children and started sending them here.  Apparently, the care and security will be provided by HHS with federal funds, and no City or County funds will be used.  But guess what – Federal funds are taxpayer funds, so it’s all OUR money.

Did anyone notify you?  Are you happy with your federal government opening the borders, inviting people to come without cause or process, and creating this crisis of care for the ones who came?  Dallas City and County officials have both released statements that basically say this is a humanitarian effort and they will do their best to handle it.  Judge Clay Jenkins, in his statement, had more to say about Covid restrictions and vaccines than about the illegal immigrants being housed in Dallas.  In his mind, Covid seems to be the primary problem, not illegal immigration.  Why aren’t they pushing back against the Feds instead of rolling over?

Governor Abbott said in an interview with Fox4 News on Tuesday that “If they are going to be working with us, the governor of Texas should know exactly what they are doing, how many people are they bringing in here, where are those people going, what are they doing after that, what kind of COVID protocols they are using,”.  Citizens of the region should be asking the same questions!  This situation affects more than just the City of Dallas, or Dallas County.  We should all be asking questions –  like:  Will these kids be released into the community after the 90 days? Will public schools be expected to educate them?  What exactly will happen to them?  Have they been tested for diseases?  Will there be another group brought in after this one?  And another after that?  Where does it end?

And for folks who don’t live in or near Dallas – wake up because this same situation could be coming to a community near you in the future.  Midland is already getting a group of the immigrant youths where they will be housed in an oilfield worker camp and the American Red Cross will care for them (according to Fox4 News story from Tuesday).

People and groups are doing their best to help and assist with these kids.  We are not without compassion and sympathy for their situation.  Catholic Charities is helping, and TTP’s own Pastor Justin Rangel is soliciting volunteers with a group that ministers to teens and the homeless.  Justin’s group will be working to provide counseling, prayers, and services to these kids in Dallas.  If you can help – please step up!  This is a prime opportunity to do God’s work, and bring His word to young folks who may not have heard it, and might need it badly.

But also contact your government “leaders” who are responsible for the situation and tell them to put a stop to it.  Here are some suggested Action Items:

1) DALLAS & DALLAS COUNTY RESIDENTS – Contact Dallas City Council members and Dallas County Commissioners to hold them accountable for this situation that has been dumped in the laps of Dallas Citizens.

2) Everyone – Contact your Congress members and Senators and tell them to take steps to secure the border, and stop sending these people into our communities.

3) Anyone – Contact Justin Rangel if you can help minister to the people that will be coming to the Convention Center, or offer prayers.


Dallas City Council:

Mayor Eric Johnson                [email protected]    Phone: 214.670.3301

Chad West, District 1             [email protected]

Adam Medrano, District 2      [email protected]

Casey Thomas, II, District 3   [email protected]

Carolyn Arnold, District 4      [email protected]

Jaime Resendez, District 5     [email protected]

Omar Narvaez, District 6        [email protected]

Adam Bazaldua, District 7     [email protected]

Tennell Atkins, Disstrict 8      [email protected]

Paula Blackmon, District 9     [email protected]

Adam McGough, Districct 10 [email protected]

Lee Kleinman, District 11      [email protected]

Cra Mendelsohn, District 12   [email protected]

Jennifer Gates, District 13      [email protected]

David Blewett, District 14      [email protected]


Dallas County Commissioners:

Judge Clay Jenkins,                  [email protected]

Theresa Daniel, District 1        [email protected]

J.J. Koch, District 2                  [email protected]

John Wiley Price, District 3     [email protected]

Elba Garcia, District 4             [email protected]


Contact your US House Representative

Contact your US Senator

Contact Justin Rangel – Project 911- The Border Crisis

[email protected]

Or Facebook: