Meet Our New Executive Director

Meet Our New Executive Director

January 2, 2020

Please join True Texas Project in welcoming our new Executive Director, Shamain Webster!  We are excited to have help with our fundraising efforts, meetings and scheduling, database management, and communications!  She’s got a big job ahead of her, though for now we can only afford to pay her part-time.  This new position will relieve a little pressure from Julie and Fran and help True Texas Project continue to grow its statewide influence.

About Shamain:

Shamain was born in the coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan. When she was 6 years old, her mother Huma was asked to provide a temporary helping hand to her brother and his ill, pregnant wife, who had immigrated to the US years before.  Having been shamed for divorcing her abusive husband, Huma took it as an opportunity and, with Shamain, traveled across the world and arrived to Dallas, Tx. While there, Huma was offered a job as a Montessori teacher, and seeing that the US could provide her a chance to start over and escape the scrutiny of family and friends and an oppressive cultural environment, she took the opportunity and applied for a Green Card.

Huma remarried and the family of three moved to Grapevine when Shamain was about 8 years old. Shamain received the remainder of her education in Grapevine schools.

Integrating with US culture was most certainly a challenge. Growing up as a Muslim and watching other kids celebrate Christmas and receive more freedom in their homes while being raised as an only child with a strict upbringing was not easy. Shamain did her best to navigate through the American culture. It was in 8th grade in Grapevine Junior High that she met Seth. He was a cute, rowdy teenager, and not anyone she would have ever been allowed to hang around with, but she liked him anyway. Years later, when Seth went through a major life event after having an encounter with drugs and the law, he committed his life to Christ.

When they were reunited years later, Seth passionately began sharing the Gospel with Shamain, who spent her entire life hearing the common Muslim question, “How can God possibly have a Son?”

Reluctantly, she finally went to his small church, where her interest in Jesus was piqued. She began to open up the Bible and read it for herself and soon discovered the significance of the blood upon reading the Old Testament. A light bulb went off.

Soon after, Shamain confessed Jesus as her savior, got kicked out of her house, and then Seth married her!

But, God in His goodness restored the family’s relationship. After her mom’s passing in 2006, Shamain became the Director of her mother’s Montessori School for 7 years. She stepped down to be a homemaker and raise her 3 children, Kiki, Safia, and Elijah, whom she now homeschools.

Shamain is a conservative for many reasons. First and foremost, conservatism mirrors what the Bible says about life and government. Secondly, after watching the environment that her mother left and coming into a country that provided her the freedom to go from a foreign single mother with nothing to a successful entrepreneur who was loved and helped by gracious Americans, she came to have a deep appreciation of the principles that the Founding Fathers created this country upon: that ANYONE who was willing to work hard could accomplish much and keep much of what they accomplished!

Shamain is currently the Social Media Marketing Director for the organization Well Versed, which was founded by Dr. Jim and Rosemary Garlow. Well Versed focuses on teaching Biblical governance to leaders across several nations, in Washington D.C. and in the U.N. Dr. Garlow is on the Faith Advisory Board for President Donald Trump.