We all know that in November we have the big General Election, but many Texas locations also have local elections going on.  Here are some recommendations we’ve gathered from our partners around the state.  These recommendations have NOT been vetted by TTP, but they are a good starting point for you to do your own research.


Judge Jeff Branick, County Judge
Gordon Friez, candidate for the 317th District Court
Roxanne Hellberg, candidate for the County Clerk
Time Funchess, candidate for County Treasurer
Cary Erickson, Candidate County Commissioner Pct2
Jacorion Randle, candidate for Texas State House of Reps HD22
Jay Wright, candidate for Justice of the 9th Court of Appeals, Place 2

Jennifer Virden, Austin Mayor
Clinton Rarey, Austin City Council District 1
Richard Smith, Austin City Council District 8
Perla Muñoz Hopkins, Texas State Board of Education, District 5
Rupal Chaudhari, County Judge
Susan Haynes, County Clerk
Clint Small, District 4, Single Member Trustee, AISD
Heather Toolin, At Large Position 9, AISD
Steven Haskett (Libertarian; no R candidate), Texas Senate District 14