September 7, 2019
6pm - 7:30pm
True Texas Project Liaisons Meet & Greet
10613 Elmhust Lane
Fort Worth

Holding elected officials accountable should be the job of every citizen. But no one person can keep up with every level of government. That’s why True Texas Project created our Liaison program. We assign volunteer liaisons to elected officials at every level of government. The Liaisons job is to establish relationships, stay in touch, keep communications open, so that TTP members can hold their electeds accountable, and be a resource for them in the community. We share the load, so that everyone can be better informed.

With property taxes out of control in many jurisdictions, Congress running amok, and the purple session we’ve just seen in Austin, we need Liaisons now more than ever. So come join us for snacks and beverages, and see if you might be interested in serving as a Liaison. We’ll teach you what you need to know, and provide the tools to do it.

Morton Blackwell has said, “Political success is determined by the number and effectiveness of the political activists on either side.” If Mr. Blackwell is right, then in order to succeed, WE need to have higher numbers and better effectiveness than the other side. Won’t you join us in that effort?