January 12, 2021
5am - 7pm
Texas Capitol
1100 Congress Ave
Austin, TX


UPDATE:  It looks like Plan A and we’ll be PARTICIPATING in opening day at the Capitol, because grassroots pressure to OPEN THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE has worked, and the Capitol will be open!  We’re not sure yet what restrictions to expect, but “safety protocols” will be in place.  Face masks, and other protocols may be requested.  We won’t know for sure until we get there exactly what will be required.

Entrance to the galleries for the opening and swearing in of members will be limited.  The legislature convenes at noon, but additional details on schedules for the day are not yet available.  Please check back here often to get further details.

TTP will have a presence at the Capitol on the 12th.  We will visit legislators offices, introduce ourselves, hand out copies of our legislative priorities, and let people know that True Texans are in the house.  We encourage anyone who goes on the 12th to wear your TTP Shirts.  We usually ask people to dress in professional, business attire, but on certain days, we want to send a message – and TTP T Shirts are the perfect way to do that.  So wear your shirt if you have one, and if you don’t, there is still time to order one from our on line store: click here

Transportation will depend on how big a response we get for this trip, and where people are located.  If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to [email protected] Indicate where you live, how many people would be going, and whether or not you could drive a car pool.  One way or another, TTP will provide transportation for everyone who wants to go.


Will we PARTICIPATE or PROTEST?  That’s the big question!  The Texas Legislature begins its biennial 140-day session on January 12th.  TTP Citizen Advocates will be there, but we don’t know yet if we will be participating or protesting.  Decisions have yet to be made on whether or not the public will be allowed inside the building, and if they are – under what restrictions.

So – We are making a Plan A and a Plan B!

PLAN A:   Plan A is the Capitol will be open with little to no restrictions, and we will go and participate in the festivities, observe the swearing in of new members, and the election of the Speaker of the House, and visit the offices of our respective representatives.  It will be a fun day, as opening day always is.  It will not, however, be a day of significant action, and advocacy.  Opening day is pretty much a big party.  It’s fun, and interesting, but work doesn’t actually get done.

Plan B:   Plan B is going to look very different!  If they do NOT allow us in the building, then we want to get as many people there as possible (possibly a bus load or 2), to stage a HUGE protest.  We’ll be bringing a symbolic battering ram, and demanding entry to the People’s House!  This could be the most important protest you ever attend, so please make plans to join us if at all possible.  We have a bus sponsor if Plan B is implemented.

We will be joining Fredericksburg Tea Party in the protest – they are planning to form a car/truck Train and surround the Capitol building.  They have 2 vans full of people committed to go already.  We will also be encouraging other grassroots groups across the State to join us as well.

No one knows how this is going to play out, but we need to be prepared.  We cannot let them keep us out of our State Capitol.  Whatever happens, this session is going to look very different than previous sessions, and the challenges will be great.  We are working on plans and alternatives for activists to still participate and be heard, but we just don’t know at this point what that will look like.

So – mark your calendars – January 12th.  Watch for more information coming soon.  We’ll either participate or protest, but either way, we’re going.  It’s time to storm the castle!