October 17, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Collin County Republican Party
2963 W 15th St
Plano, TX

Join True Texas Project in welcoming a panel of legislative experts this fall as we prepare for the 88th Legislative Session in Texas! We will take a look at the Republican Party of Texas’ platform and planks, elected representatives to support and/or watch out for, and finally, the bills being put forward that we need to be aware of. Come and hear from Texans Uniting for Reform & FreedomTexas Right to Life, Texans for Vaccine Choice, Texas Homeschool Coalition,  Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and Texas Gun Rights and see what you need to put on your radar for the next session!
We will also be hearing from David Grantham, a veteran with an inside perspective on global intelligence that pertains to local community safety.

True Texas Project
Panelists: Terri Hall (TURF), Emily Cook (TRTL), Rebecca Hardy (TFVC),
Meagan Corser (THSC), Tim Hardin (TFR) and Chris McNutt (TXGR)
Intro Speaker: David Grantham
Date: Monday, October 17th
Location: Collin County Republican Party
2963 W 15th St Plano, TX 75075 US

5:30pm – Prayer meeting
5:45pm – $5 pizza (while supplies last)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs

About David Grantham:
David A. Grantham, PhD is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, a law enforcement officer,
and a Senior Fellow with the Center for a Secure and Free Society. He is the author of
Consequences: An Intelligence Officer’s War.
David holds a PhD in Latin American and Middle East History from Texas Christian
University and a Master of Science in International Relations from Troy University. He earned
his Bachelor of Art in History from University of South Florida in 2004.
David lives with his wife and children in North Texas.


About Terri Hall:

Terri Hall, Founder & Director of the San Antonio Toll Party and Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (Texas TURF) – Terri Hall founded the San Antonio TOLL Party in 2005 as a taxpayer revolt when she learned the Texas Dept of Transportation (TxDOT) was to convert her only access to San Antonio, Hwy 281, into a tollway, which is a double tax to charge taxpayers again for what they’ve already built and paid for. When she saw this shift to tolling our existing freeways happening nationwide, Terri started a statewide group called Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom or Texas TURF in 2007. She’s a homeschool mom of ten turned citizen activist, and Terri has rallied her fellow Texans to stop this runaway taxation, as well as the Trans Texas Corridor-style foreign takeover of our public highways. Such monopolies over our infrastructure result in tolls over $3/mile to use our public roads. Terri has worked as a citizen activist in nine sessions of the Texas Legislature, spoken at rallies in Washington D.C., organized marches in Austin, spoken at national conferences, appeared on the Lou Dobbs Show, CNN’s American Morning, MSNBC and Fox News nationally, and done local radio & TV interviews all over Texas. She also wrote for the Examiner, was a citizen blogger for the San Antonio Express-News, and continues to have many columns published by news outlets nationwide. Texas TURF is an all-volunteer, all grassroots organization committed to defending property rights and our freedom to travel. They helped repeal the Trans Texas Corridor, defeated dozens of bad bills in the Legislature, advocated against the Left’s anti-car agenda, and passed protections against tolling existing roads among other reforms.  She invites you to learn more and to join the fight at www.TexasTURF.org.

About Emily Cook:
As a mom and East Texas native, Emily has devoted her career to the protection of innocent human Life and helping others. Emily is an attorney and currently serves as General Counsel of Texas Right to Life, focusing on nonprofit corporate governance law, campaign finance law and patient advocacy issues. Emily has worked numerous Texas legislative sessions, is involved in several boards within her local community and is chair of the Liberty County Republican Party.

About Rebecca Hardy:

As a speech-language pathologist, Rebecca has encountered many children with profound vaccine injuries. These experiences created a passion for protecting others from these kinds of negative health outcomes, which she has turned into activism. Rebecca is one of the original founders of TFVC and was working to grow this organization when it was only an idea being discussed. She previously served as our Policy Director; meeting with legislators, drafting legislative strategy, and block-walking for candidates. She currently serves as Operations Director, expertly coordinating all our work behind the scenes. Rebecca is dedicated to protecting medical liberties and informed consent for all Texans. Rebecca and her husband Tim have two daughters.

About Meagan Corser:

Meagan currently serves as THSC’s Policy Analyst. She first joined THSC’s policy team in 2017 as a legislative analyst, focusing on issues related to Child Protective Services (CPS). Since 2019, Meagan has served as THSC’s policy analyst where she works on researching and promoting THSC’s legislative priorities.




About Tim Hardin:

Tim Hardin serves as the Executive Director of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. A small businessman, pastor, and former staffer in the Texas House, Tim comes to TFR after serving as chief of staff to State Rep. Jonathan Stickland for seven years. He resides in Fort Worth with his wife Luisa and five children, Elijah, Noah, Micah, Jeremiah, and Selah.





About Chris McNutt:

Chris McNutt is a liberty-minded, conservative activist, consultant, and political professional from Dallas, TX. At age 20, Chris decided to start his own business within the music industry while living in Houston. What initially began as a small music-promotions company eventually grew into a brand of websites that garnered over 70 million visits. With Trill Promotions Group, LLC, Chris managed to forge relationships with many top music labels and artists in the music industry, such as Sony Music Group, Warner Brothers Records, and Atlantic Records, among others. As a business owner, Chris experienced the bureaucratic red-tape of big government.

In 2009, Chris realized the promises of President Obama’s “hope and change” were bad for the country. His continuation of George W. Bush’s failed nation-building policies continued and, once “Obamacare” was enacted into law, Chris’s health-insurance premium as a small-business owner nearly tripled. That’s when Chris became encouraged to get involved in politics.

After moving back to Dallas in 2011, he became a Precinct Chair in the Dallas County Republican Party and became active in many clubs around the Dallas Fort-Worth area, serving as First Vice President of the Southwest Dallas County Republican Club in 2014, and taking leadership roles at the Republican Party Senate District and State Conventions as a Chairman of the Rules Committee.

Chris has volunteered and worked on many political campaigns from city council races to U.S. Senate races. Chris also briefly worked for Americans For Prosperity and also the office of State Senator Don Huffines, as Deputy District Director. Chris founded his own political consulting firm in 2016, Liberty Methods LLC., which helped the winning efforts of multiple campaigns at the local and state level, including State Representative’s Matt Rinaldi and Jonathan Stickland. Chris currently serves as the South Central Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights and the Executive Director for their state affiliate, Texas Gun Rights.