October 13, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
VFW Post 8905
21902 Northwest Fwy
Cypress, TX

Join True Texas Project in welcoming a panel of legislative experts this fall as we prepare for the 88th Legislative Session in Texas! We will take a look at the Republican Party of Texas’ platform and planks, elected representatives to support and/or watch out for, and finally, the bills being put forward that we need to be aware of. Come and hear from Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom, MassResistance, Texas Right to Life, Texans for Vaccine Choice, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and Texas Gun Rights and see what you need to put on your radar for the next session!

True Texas Project
Panelists: Rachel Hale (TURF), Tracy Shannon (MR),
John Seago (TRTL), Carrie Bigford (TFVC),
Jeramy Kitchen (TFR) and Chris McNutt (TXGR)
Date: Thursday, October 13th
Location: VFW Post 8905
21902 NW Fwy Cypress, TX
5:30pm – Prayer meeting
5:45pm – $5 dinner (while supplies last)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs


About Rachel Hale:

Rachel Hale fairly recently found her true mission in being a grassroots activist. Like many of us, Rachel became extremely concerned with our government institutions’ response to COVID-19. This catapulted her to begin getting involved any and every way she could. She began going to local grassroots meetings and researching how she could be part of the solution. Her inquiring nature led to her look into her local school district and the mandates that our school districts tie themselves to by accepting federal funds. Her advocacy efforts connected her to statewide coalitions standing up against CRT and sexually explicit curriculum in our schools and in November she testified before the State Board of Education to speak against harmful curriculum recommendations. This last primary cycle, she ran for State Representative in HD11 against her Republican incumbent with the goal of giving the voters more conservative representation. After being outspent by the five-term incumbent by six-figure margins, her grassroots bottom-up campaigning garnered her second place in a crowded field of four and put her within 1,000 votes of a runoff in a 26,000 vote race. After the results, she has not been discouraged and instead has viewed it as an opportunity to grow our grassroots reach and inform voters. Currently, she serves as Managing Director with the Texas Freedom Coalition and is on many investigative coalitions. Recently Texas Freedom Coalition teamed up with TURF to educate and engage Texans regarding the threats to their freedom to travel. Rachel is married to her husband of 21 years, Kirk, and mother of two children, Maci & Khristian.

About Tracy Shannon:

Tracy Shannon is the mother of 4 blessings and a grandmother. She has studied what she calls the “neo-morality movement” for 20 years. Tracy’s family was profoundly impacted by the transgender movement many years ago, and that moved Tracy from the sidelines (merely protecting her own children from being inducted into “new” sexual mores) and onto the battlefront in the culture wars.

Tracy has taken on Drag Queen Story Hours in Texas and across the country. She exposed how libraries determined to introduce children to adult entertainers and transsexuals disregarded their own policies allowing sex offenders to be held out as role models to young children in taxpayer-funded public libraries. As the Texas Director for MassResistance, Tracy led Texas parents in pushing back against the debauched drag queen program for children as young as four. She has also contributed to research of the programs across the nation and helped parents in several states push back against this programming. Tracy has studied the trajectory of the transgender movement and transgender medicine for 20 years.  She has observed a rise in children transitioning and a relaxing of the already loose and unsound “standards’ in transgender medicine.  Tracy says, “The origins of sex change started with unethical research on children decades ago and has come full circle to the unethical treatment of minors with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.”  Tracy had been a guest on American Family Radio and conservative media where she discusses the need for safeguarding children and the latest threats to traditional family values.  Her personal experiences with the transgender issue as well as her investigative work has been published in conservative and Christian publications in the United States as well as abroad.

About John Seago:
John Seago, MA, DBE is a published Bioethicist and serves as the President for Texas Right to Life, the oldest and largest statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas. For 11 years, Dr. Seago led the research, writing, and lobbying for state Pro-Life and medical ethics policies in the Texas State Legislature. He graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Biblical Studies from Southeastern College Wake Forest, North Carolina. He studied philosophy at the University of Dallas and received a Master’s in Bioethics from Trinity International University. He received his Doctorate in Bioethics and Health Policy from Loyola University Chicago. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children.

About Carrie Bigford:

Carrie Bigford has been a fierce and vocal advocate for medical freedom since 2003 when she was made aware of the issues surrounding our current vaccine program at a work conference. Since that time, Carrie has had the opportunity to work with multiple medical freedom organizations in three different states as a volunteer and currently serves Texans for Vaccine Choice as the Regional Outreach Coordinator for the Houston region. Carrie is very passionate about helping others know and assert their medical freedom rights effectively.



About Jeramy Kitchen:

Jeramy Kitchen serves as the Executive Director of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Born in Meadows Place, Texas, Jeramy graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Political Science. A veteran, Jeramy served in the U.S. Army and Texas Army National Guard deploying to Iraq twice in service of Operation Iraqi Freedom as an Intelligence Analyst. Jeramy has managed campaigns for Conservative lawmakers across the state of Texas and has served as Chief of Staff for multiple state lawmakers as well as the Director of Legislative Affairs for the largest public policy think tank in Texas. Most recently, Jeramy served as the Capitol Correspondent for Texas Scorecard to focus on bringing transparency to the Texas legislative process.

About Chris McNutt:
Chris McNutt is a liberty-minded, conservative activist, consultant, and political professional from Dallas, TX. At age 20, Chris decided to start his own business within the music industry while living in Houston. What initially began as a small music-promotions company eventually grew into a brand of websites that garnered over 70 million visits. With Trill Promotions Group, LLC, Chris managed to forge relationships with many top music labels and artists in the music industry, such as Sony Music Group, Warner Brothers Records, and Atlantic Records, among others. As a business owner, Chris experienced the bureaucratic red-tape of big government.In 2009, Chris realized the promises of President Obama’s “hope and change” were bad for the country. His continuation of George W. Bush’s failed nation-building policies continued and, once “Obamacare” was enacted into law, Chris’s health-insurance premium as a small-business owner nearly tripled. That’s when Chris became encouraged to get involved in politics.After moving back to Dallas in 2011, he became a Precinct Chair in the Dallas County Republican Party and became active in many clubs around the Dallas Fort-Worth area, serving as First Vice President of the Southwest Dallas County Republican Club in 2014, and taking leadership roles at the Republican Party Senate District and State Conventions as a Chairman of the Rules Committee.Chris has volunteered and worked on many political campaigns from city council races to U.S. Senate races. Chris also briefly worked for Americans For Prosperity and also the office of State Senator Don Huffines, as Deputy District Director. Chris founded his own political consulting firm in 2016, Liberty Methods LLC., which helped the winning efforts of multiple campaigns at the local and state level, including State Representative’s Matt Rinaldi and Jonathan Stickland. Chris currently serves as the South Central Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights and the Executive Director for their state affiliate, Texas Gun Rights.