October 10, 2020
7am - 6pm
Sam's Club parking lot
1701 W State Hwy 114
Grapevine TX
Citizens across Texas will be in Austin on Oct 10 demanding a FREE TEXAS!
True Texas Project invites you to road trip with us & join in!

True Texas Project is loading the bus and heading to the Governor’s Mansion in Austin! We will join our fellow grassroots Texans at a protest to FREE TEXAS! Please see details on the event below.

GRAPEVINE PICKUP:  The bus will DEPART at 7am on Saturday, Oct 10. That means you should be in your seat and ready to go before 7am. The departure location is the Sam’s Club parking lot in Grapevine, 1701 W State Hwy 114.

BURLESON PICKUP:  The bus should arrive around 7:20am.  We will very quickly load and get back on the road.  Pick up location is the Lowe’s parking lot at 920 N Burleson Blvd.

We will attend the protest from 11am-1pm.

The bus will depart immediately following the rally, stop for lunch on the way home, and return to the metroplex around 6pm.

Bus tickets are $10 each and may be purchased here.  Tickets may ONLY BE PURCHASED ONLINE.
Our #1 goal is to have a large attendance.  If you cannot buy the tickets, or perhaps you want to bring kids and the cost adds up too much, please email [email protected].  We will get you seats!

About this Event

FREE TEXAS — A Protest at the Governor’s Mansion

Tired of Governor Abbott’s lock down? Tired of masks and HIS control? Abbott’s unprecedented unconstitutional executive actions are an attack on liberty and our lives! He has ignored our calls to convene the legislature to obtain “consent of the governed” through public testimony and deliberation by our legislators! We the People have called. We have written. We have held rallies in the public square. Gov. Abbott has ignored our grievances. Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. We are now taking our petitions to the Governor’s Mansion.

Are you a business owner or employee whose livelihood is being destroyed by the ongoing restrictions imposed and allowed by Abbott?

Are you a bar owner or employee who has entirely been put out of business by Abbott’s modern-day prohibition?

Are you a gym or salon owner or employee whose dreams and enterprises are now crushed by our Governor who collects his full paycheck while living comfortably in the Governor’s Mansion with no worries about paying his own bills?

Have you or a loved one been hurt by the inability to access needed health care during the shutdown?

Are you a parent or child who is frustrated because Abbott stole your choice about homeschooling or on-campus education?

Are you sick and tired of this ridiculous public mask mandate, and the Governor’s dictatorial control over our lives?

Join us at Free Texas — a protest at the Governor’s Mansion. Tell Gov. Abbott that the time is now to reopen Texas and make Texas great again!!!!Free!

We need a TEXAS-SIZED citizen effort to Save Texas! You Have the Power. Use your voice and your freedom–WHILE YOU STILL HAVE SOME–and join every major conservative, liberty-loving organization to protest Abbott’s power grab and to protect what’s left of our freedoms.

When: Saturday, Oct. 10, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Where: Governor’s Mansion – 1010 Colorado St., Austin, TX

Attendees will include, Lt. Col. Allen West, Sid Miller, Julie McCarty, Don Huffines, Matt Rinaldi, Michael Quinn Sullivan, JoAnn Fleming, Konni Burton, Bob Hall, Mark Meckler, and others.

Bring your homemade signs, patriotism, and a good attitude. Be ready to be loud and raucous. No violence or threatening behavior will be tolerated.

Sponsored by: The somewhat-still free citizens of Texas