May 27, 2023

TTP Dining Club Tarrant County 2023! Are you interested in joining? It is such a great way to meet new friends with like-minded views while enjoying a simple, shared meal.  We will meet five times during the year at volunteer host homes beginning in February on the last Saturday of the month. Each guest coordinates with their host as to which food to bring for the themed meal.
A host need not have a fancy, spacious home. A place where 6-8 folks can share a dinner comfortably works well. This is for adults 18 and over with alcoholic beverage at the host’s discretion.
Please let me know if you would like to participate. If you were previously attending these dinners please let me know if you’d like to continue. Send me an email: [email protected] Can’t wait to get together!

Themes will be:
February – Souper Saturday
March – Breakfast for Dinner
May – Great Depression Era Dinner
July – Family Heritage Potluck
September – Chili Night