May 12, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
VFW Post 8905
21902 NW Fwy
Cypress, TX 77429

We are looking forward to hearing from this months speaker as he enlightens us on how the Department of Justice has been weaponized against the American people. Steve Stockman is a former US Representative, who’s life was  turned upside down by the justice department when he was taken into federal custody. He is here to tell us the REAL story about what happened, as well as how he has fought back since this happened. These days, you never know what “tools” you will need in your proverbial toolbox, so come and learn from his experience – we guarantee you will be moved.

We will also be hearing from Jennifer Bridges, a nurse in Houston who has been battling against vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

 True Texas Project
Speaker:  Steve Stockman
Secondary Speaker: Jennifer Bridges
Thursday, May 12th
Location: VFW Post 8905
21902 Northwest Freeway, Cypress, TX
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
5:45pm – $5 dinner while supplies last
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs.


About Steve Stockman:

The Honorable Steve Stockman served as U.S. Representative from Texas in the 104th and 113th Congresses. He specialized in global emerging threats to America.

Serving on the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, he traveled to some of the most dangerous, high-risk nations and conflicts around the world.

However, his biggest risk was exposing Democrat crime families. He called for Lois Lerner’s arrest for her abuse of the IRS in the persecution of Christian and conservative non-profit organizations. He exposed documents implicating Secretary of State Clinton for selling her office to Clinton Foundation largest donor, a Ukrainian oligarch, by allowing his company’s sale of dual-use steel to Iran in contravention of U.S. law. In Stockman’s war against corruption, he also publicly called out Obama for funding the Haqqani terrorist network in exchange for traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

(Regrettably President Biden continues Obama’s reckless support for terrorist networks. Recently the same terrorists Obama gave millions to were installed in the Afghan government.)

In retaliation for Stockman’s exposure, Obama’s corrupt DOJ and IRS spent 4 years, $22 million and four grand juries perusing Congressman Stockman. Unfortunately, the Federal cabal of miscreants prevailed and Congressman Stockman was sent to federal prison with a 10-year sentence on trumped up charges of fraud, but – in reality – for his whistle-blowing on Federal government corruption.

But God is good and He answers prayer. After almost three years of imprisonment, just three days before Christmas in 2020, President Trump commuted Congressman Stockman’s unjust sentence.

Steve is most grateful to God and those who kept him in prayer while he was imprisoned, persecuted for whistle-blowing and fighting Federal government corruption. (Hebrews 13:3)

About Jennifer Bridges:

Jennifer Bridges is a registered nurse in the Houston area. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She moved here 20 years ago and fell in love with the area. She worked at Houston Methodist for 8 years untill she was fired on June 22 for refusing to take the covid shot. She decided to take a stand for all the employees that were not able to speak up for themselves. She initiated a lawsuit with about 200 others. Founder of Guardians of Medical Choice. She is daily being contacted by others across the nation looking for guidance dealing with the same situation. She currently works with Dr. Bowden to properly treat Covid patients and keep them out of the hospital! She strives to constantly find new ways to combat these mandates and will stop at nothing to spread the truth to the public about the risks of this covid shot.