June 4, 2021
6:30pm - 8pm
Dominion Life Church
1104 Summit Ave
Plano / TX

Every warrior needs times of rejuvenation, and the warriors at True Texas Project are no exception.  We fight hard.  We take hits.  We suffer losses.  We sacrifice time, money, sleep, and even friends and family.  We feel the emotional weight just like everyone else. But you know what?  We are never alone.  As believers in Jesus, God actually designed us to be strengthened in the oddest but most wonderful way… through worship.

The power that literally raised Jesus from the dead – the Holy Spirit – is the same power that is available to us.  When we call on Him we have joy in battle; we embrace the challenges; we have supernatural strength; we face fears with inexplicable courage.  Why?  Because the battle belongs to the Lord.  We must remind ourselves regularly that He is in charge, that He is our strong tower.  He calls Himself the Banner that goes before us, and He says He hems us in from behind and on all sides.  He tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength.

What’s more, Scripture is full of examples where God uses a weak and small army to defeat giants.  This way HE gets the glory.

Did you know the Democrats have named True Texas Project their top concern? 

Did you know that Abbott’s office has been instructed (off the record) to take out True Texas Project by pushing the racism label?

And of course you’ve seen the hit pieces from main stream media and the cancel culture attempts on our meetings, but did you also know they are attempting to cancel our leadership too — trying to get various people fired from their jobs for being a part of our organization?

Frankly, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  You must have your feet firmly planted on the Rock, and you must have your eyes focused on the One who controls it all.  We must be at the feet of Jesus in prayer and praise, covering True Texas Project in divine power.

This is why True Texas Project is excited to offer a night of




Here’s what our CEO and Founder, Julie McCarty, had to say:

People ask me all the time:

  • How do you have the strength to do what you do? Do you ever sleep?
  • You seem fearless. I wish I was more like that.
  • People say awful things about you. I could never take that heat.

Honestly, I’m not any different than anyone else.  I just keep my eyes on Jesus. Every day I literally pray to have that power that raised Jesus from the dead. I never skip church because I get fired up by worship, and I need that during the rest of the week!  When fear attacks, I remind myself that Perfect Love casts out all fear, so I resist the Devil and he flees from me.  I repeat scriptures in my head as promises to remind me the battle belongs to the Lord. None of this is my problem. Not even my reputation is my problem. I’m a child of the King; it’s all His problem, and He is more than capable. It’s a very freeing place to be.

I feel privileged to be in this battle!

Julie McCarty, CEO True Texas Project

So… YOU are invited!  Please join us for Worship For Warriors.  Get renewed, empowered, and ready for battle.