July 18, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
MCM Elegante
2355 I-10 S
Beaumont, TX

This month at True Texas Project we will be hearing from Rocky Malloy, the founder and CEO of Mission Generation. This organization is leading the charge in putting Jesus back into public schools and Rocky is here to tell you the “how and why”. It’s no secret that our society is failing children and has ceased to prioritize family structure and faith, so come and learn what can be done to help counter this issue in your own schools. Bring a friend who needs to hear about true solutions to real-world problems!

True Texas Project
Speaker: Rocky Malloy
Monday, July 18
 MCM Elegante
2355 I-10 S Beaumont, TX
5:30-6:00pm – prayer meeting (open to all)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
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About Rocky Malloy:

Visionary Leader, Author, Speaker, Educator, and 

Activist for Children’s Rights. 

Born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, in 1954, Rocky began his career as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer. However, serving overseas exposed him to the horrific poverty and cultural despair that only love and truth Jesus could solve. 

In 1989 he put away his oars to become a missionary to the Miskito Indians on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras during the Sandinista Civil War. He met his wife and lifelong ministry partner, Joske, a Dutch nurse, on his arrival. Since that God ordained day the two of them have lived in various Latin American countries ministering the Word of God. As ordained ministers of the Gospel, Rocky and Joske have built an international ministry serving millions of children around the world. 

Since 1999, Rocky has led Mission Generation to develop an international school chaplain program that has since experienced parabolic growth. Rocky has a clear vision to bring Mission Generation international success to the U.S. public schools. His lifelong passion is to give school-aged children the tools they need to make quality life decisions based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit. In 2018, after 28 years of living overseas, Rocky and his family moved to Houston, Texas, to lead U.S. ministry efforts. 

Rocky and Joske were married in Groningen, Holland, in 1990 and have five beautiful children and three lovely grandchildren — all serving the Lord.